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Blessed Love,
When we look at the Livity of Rastafari there is an obvious link with the house of Ysrayl through the lineage of Emperor Haile Selassie I. This by itself is already very significant as it proves there are blood ties between Ysrayl and Ethiopia and therefore became a part of this nation. How this happened was recorded in the Kebra Nagast in which it is written that Makeda the Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia) traveled to Israel to meet King Solomon and in doing so got pregnant from him. Prince Menelik was born through this union and when he was old enough he traveled to Israel to meet with his father. After staying there for a while King Solomon entrusted Prince Menelik to be the heir of his throne, only Menelik didn’t want to stay in Israel. He said he would rule from Ethiopia and it came to be that Prince Menelik traveled back to Ethiopia with a large group of Ysraylites to establish his Kingdom there. It is written that The Ark of the Covenant was brought along to have a save dwelling place and to give strength and protection to this new location. A great Kingdom arose in Aksum with a long line of Kings and Emperors that endured until Emperor Haile Selassie I’s reign which ended in 1974. While Israel itself fell into decline, not being strengthened by the Ark of the Covenant and to fulfill YAH’s commandment that Israel would fall and its remembrance wiped away from the face of the earth, to become a forgotten nation, only to arise again with the return of Yahshua, as prophesied to be the last King seated on the throne of King David, as the Conquering Lion (not the Lam to be slaughtered) and establish the Kingdom of Christ for a thousand years to come.

For many Rastafari the Ysraylite link with Africa didn’t begin with the union between King Solomon and Queen Makeda. It is known and widely accepted within the houses of Rastafari that the Ysraylites were African to begin with and that the Bible is a book written by Africans. The Nyahbinghi and Bobo Shanti are clear about this matter, the Twelve Tribes of Israel members have different opinions about this as ones are taught to seek for the truth for themselves by reading the Bible one chapter a day to get a deep overtanding about what is written and don’t have a set doctrine they All live by. A widely accepted viewpoint by the Twelve Tribes of Israel members is that it is more a spiritual connection and anyone that feels a part of the Ysraylite nation, physically or through spiritual affiliation then ones can be accepted. We agree with this as His Majesty Himself said that everyone should be able to practice his or her faith without being discriminated against. This also creates a possibility for more unification between the different races, so we think it is a good thing to live with this principle.
It is also impossible to know if someone has Ysraylite blood or dna within them as it could be watered down so much that it is not obvious anymore to see physically. There have been so much inter racial relationships between Ancient Ysraylites and other nations that one can never know by looking at someone’s skin color, hair texture or the color of ones eyes. Nevertheless it might be less clear who an Ysraylite is today, in the past things were clear. The Ancient Ysraylites were One family that stayed to themselves as this was taught in the scriptures. It was only later after the syrian, babylonian, roman, arab and european enslavement and migration to different parts of the world because of persecution, that the Ysraylites started to have blood ties with other ethnic groups. 
Some might not think it is important to know who the original Ysraylites were, as anybody could be one today and the present is what matters.
But there are also people that give more importance about this aspect of who the Ysraylites were in past, as this could be liberating information for many ones. Many people are still in need of liberation so we also give a lot of importance to this matter. Blessed are the ones that don’t need assistance in awaking InI Ancient heritage but knowing that the Bible is an African book, written by and in the first place for Africans, in a time where the truth of this is buried under a layer of lies and still unknown to most people, has a lot of meaning to it. African/descendants worldwide are still suffering from discrimination, poverty and lack of self knowledge about InI Great Ancient Heritage, still suffering from the effects of the attempts of certain people to eradicate this. Knowing that Africans are the ancients that modern civilization has based their culture on is very valuable to know. Not only for InI but also for the rest of the world, because they would treat InI very different if they could also see the truth of this and receive the blessings from living by this ancient newly discovered livity. Naturally living in a world with many racists and stubborn people there will also be ones who will deny this and some of them might try to fight against this awakening and this might cause a bit of a stir up, but this should not be a reason to ignore this reality. There are some good and negative aspects to this revelation but that is inevitable in this world of duality. We think the truth of this matter outweighs the negative aspects and is especially important for African descendants worldwide. We could all see the effects of something like this when president Obama became president of the usa. There was a world wide joy, pride and relive among Africans that the most powerful man in the world was an African, some even saying he might be the messiah. Now Obama proved he is not the Messiah, but still this is a good example of what is going to happen when Africans world wide start to awaken to the truth of what we are writing about, Black Christ awareness...There are more then 7 billion people living on this world and about 5 billion have faith in some form of Christianity or Islam and almost everyone in the world is at least familiar with the Bible and Koran, its principles, norms and values. Almost every country in the world has its foundation built on the principles written about in the Bible or the Koran. So even if someone is not religious he or she is still living by a book and livity that was written by people who’s descendants have been down pressed and discriminated for so long.
If this is not a important awakening then we don’t know what is…if we think about it, because it was already written to be so, we can see it's only natural that things are set in this way, and that the truth of the Bible and therefore YAH is revealed in it and as we have learned, by knowing the truth, we can be set Free.

So what is the setting? The setting is that the same message from YAH revealed itself to different cultures, first the Sumerians, then Egyptians who have similar teachings and story lines also talking about the One God. Then the Ysraylites came and YAH revealed Itself to InI. It is not strange that the Bible resembles Egyptian writings as the inspiration came from the same God and the Ysrylites were also heavily influenced by Egyptian culture by living in that country 400 years from the very beginning of Ysrayl's existence, coming into Egypt with only about 70 souls… After the Ysraylites were cut of from the blessing and went into exile YAH still needed a representative for His word, as we read in the Koran “If a nation that Allah has revealed itself to is not able to represent Him/Her anymore (in this case the Ysraylites) then Allah will choose another nation”. This is why Allah revealed itself to Mohammad according to the Koran. So the Muslims began to have a part in expressing Allah’s will together with the Christians and Jews with Judaism. According to the Bible the Ysrayites were to be forgotten, lost and down trodden only to be revived with the return of Christ. The Muslims, Jews and the Christians are now the main representatives for YAH, along with Hinduism and other eastern faiths. But these three groups have made the world into what it is today. By conquering many places on earth and leaving behind their philosophy they managed to spread the word of YAH and most of the whole world has its foundation built on that. Even though this was often done by force and aggression, the most horrible and terrible things we can imagine have been done that could never be justified in the sight of YAH…they did manage to spread the word, in a positive way also, which is good, but in many cases the way how to get people following them was wrong. They could have chosen a better more loving and positive way that expresses and emulates the goodness of YAH. They might have had good intentions in the beginning but through time many of the leaders of these faiths had and have corrupted them self into something that is not worthy of YAH, even though the word is good and many of their followers also. Still there is a lot of shame and injustice attached to these three religions, so it is only natural that after they have had their turn, someone or some other group will step into the arena and represent the true nature of YAH. If we look at Rastafari now, some will see that we are the new representatives, coming from the same source and Istory, but in a new form. That's why we feel it is important that most Rastafari didn't convert to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as InI religion, because it would have been a continuation of something old that has its roots in a form of Christianity that has been heavily influenced by western churches. Even though the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was probably not involved in the atrocities and wickedness of certain parts of the Christian faith, they adopted this idea of Yesus and other Biblical characters being White, even though the old artwork in some of the churches depict images of a black Christ, Mary and Prophets. But in general they go along with western traditions, and also completely reject the idea of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I being the Christ. Which we can see as logical as that would almost be the same as His Majesty Himself saying that He is the Christ, being from the same church. A Priest, Prophet, King and definitely the Christ is never honored in is own country, so it is said and proven to be many times. So we don’t blame them and still have deep Rapect for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church but for these reasons we Rastafari can’t fully commit to that faith yet. A unification between the two in the future once Rastafari has revealed and proven itself to a wider group of people is the best thing that could happen. It might be easier for them to except these ideas when they see a wider acceptance of His Majesty and realize what kind of responsibility, power and benefits it would give them if they would do this.  

Just like in the past with Kushites taking over from the Sumerians, Egyptians taking over from the Kushites, Ysraylites taking over from Egyptians, Jews taking over from Ysraylites, Christians taking over from Jews, Muslims taking over from Christians, now we can see Rastafari having a part in this. There is a lot animosity between the three main religions of the world, wars are being fought, Innocent people are dying and living in a state of oppression. People are angry and fed up with this situation. We are in need of something new that stems from the Root and has the qualities to represent YAH in the truest and most loving way, a way that doesn’t cause more war, by respecting these old establishments and only asking to be respected and acknowledged in return.   Rastafari is the only group in the world that provides this opportunity and the way we live and express I self gives testimony to this. It is only yet to be discovered and embraced by the masses.
Rastafari will bring back the glory of a wonderful ancient lost heritage that is now dominating the world, sometimes a negative way but when looked at with truth can assist the world and its inhabitants in a positive way. Rastafari represent this ancient truth and as we see it we are the only ones that have legitimacy to restore the Kingdom of YAH on earth, Zion. Because who else but Rastafari are in the position to do this? Islam has lost a lot of credit over the past years just like Christianity and Judaism, their conquering ways have left a stain in their existence that cant be wiped clean so easy, this is a major reason why people look at religion in a bad way, because it has so many obvious negative aspects to it, that people who use their eyes and logic will dismiss those religion based on what they can see now or know from history and present days. When we see how much wars religions have caused, the pain, suffering and oppression in the name of YAH it is easy to overstand why people would turn away from something like that. Even though it is also obvious that there is a lot of good in the message of the Bible and Koran, for many people something doesn’t seem right, there is a conflicting message going on, preaching love but practicing hate (at least many of the leaders, who always have followers).
The fact that Rastafari see InI as the root of Christianity and Islam and can actually prove it through Scripture, the lineage of Emperor Haile Salassie I, the way we Live and also how we are treated (with disregard), has great value. Rastafari is fulfillment of scripture in the flesh and other then Islam and Christianity we are not blemished by a doubtful past, instead people can find more truth in the Bible and the Koran through InI by looking at Africa, by seeing certain fulfillment of prophecies involving the nation of Ysrayl. The way that Africans have been treated the past 2500 years can be found directly in the Bible, also the cause for this and the answer…because of these fulfillment's people might be able to find more faith in the Bible and Koran as books that are actually real instead just books made up to control people (what a lot of people think). But when prophecies come true people will start to realize again that there is something more to the Bible and Koran then just a way to control the masses. Because something magical has happened…prophecies that people didn’t believe in or didn’t overstand are actually being proven and revealed through Rastafari the heritage of Ysrayl. In this Revelation people might give the scriptures more value then they do now.
We think this is an important factor in the reawakening of peoples awareness, as people like to have proof of something before they can have faith in it. And now proof is here in the Livity and Istory of Rastafari, so for all those people this is a great benefactor. Blessed are those that believeth but see not, but we are coming into an age where we can all see for InI self whats really going on. So it is only logical that people will start return to YAH once they become aware of this, that is just human nature…
This subject of InI being the ancients Ysraylites does not seem to be on the forefront of Rastafari because it is not often discussed publicly. And although there are many Reggae songs that reveal the link with ancient Ysrayl, there could be a lot more if we compare it to other subjects that Reggae artists often sing about. When this is actually one of the most important things that Rastafari have come to reveal.
There must be reasons for this, and YAH must have something to do with this because this is such a revealing, eye opening, life on earth changing subject that only The Most High decides when the time is right for this to be revealed. This is not the kind of information that we were supposed be aware of in the past, if we look at all the great African liberators Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, to name just a view. These were people with a lot of knowledge and insight, yet they couldn’t see what is revealed so simply today. how could that be? For InI that is part of the prophecy coming to Life by revealing that what the Bible says about the time when Ysrayl will regain its awareness. If we would have regained this knowledge before the appointed time then the scriptures would have proven wrong, when the prophecies are meant to prove the Bible is right. So for such wise man to be deprived of this knowledge we say must be divine intervention.
Still there must come a time when this knowledge will come out in the open, we are just preparing for that day when YAH releases more of the chains. We know that these words will not be fully accepted until those chains are released, yet if the time wasn’t near for people to know about this InI would probably not be inspired to do this, nevertheless this website and InI words have also been held back from its full potential over the past years, through struggles and lack of inspiration, now that InI am rewriting this message in 2021 the words are coming out more clear and solid then a couple of years go.

Some people might think this part of message that Rastafari have is a negative one because it will undoubtedly cause some ill feelings within many people holding on to old believes and maybe even begin a uproar once it is embraced by more and more people. That is probably why we are being held back, but for people dealing with truth and honesty this could be a wonderful blessing as this can be Life changing information for many people. People who thought negative about the Christian, Islamic or Jewish faith, may now be able to see it in a more positive light. For the ones already in one of these faiths it can bring a new awareness and fullness that can deepen and revive their insight. Not to say can one cant be fulfilled within the word of their scriptures, But knowing who the people physically were in the past and are from who basically everything evolves around in our current societies, The Ancient Ysratlites, is essential knowledge.

Yes I Bless Haile Selassie I YAH Rastafari

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