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The ToZion Foundation will be an extension of this website making it possible to actually do some thing instead of only providing information. There is a Big task before us because after thousands years of neglect on all levels, it will take a great endeavour to change to a Higher, Loving and Peaceful society. To assist this process, an official platform needs to be created in the form of this Foundation.

We overstand that official paths need to be taken to make this initiative a success. Knowledge by itself is an Iportant factor but to put this knowledge in to practice, actual physical work is required. Plans need to be made, projects need to be set up, financiers need to be contacted, ect.,  and there has to be some official platform to achieve this.

The Foundations main aim would be to assist in the transition from the way we are living now to a new way of living in which we can create a society that is so peaceful we can call it Zion, and/or to be prepared for an outcome in which Zion is a place for those who have earned their way after an event some would call judgment day or ascension to higher dimension. Whatever the outcome Zion Is I&I destination. For both of these possibilities there are a couple of qualities that are in need of to reach that state, qualities like Love, Righteousness, Positive thoughts, a Clean Heart and a heightened spiritual awareness. One of the objectives of the ToZion foundation will be to bring these attributes to the forefront ass much ass possible by incorporating or applying these qualities in every activity the foundation makes.    
Another of the foundations focuses will be on Africa, in the sense of Repatriation to Africa and the upliftment of Africa in a physical, mental and spiritual way and building a bridge between the west and this continent, helping to create a feeling of Unity between all Africans.
Creating more Awareness about Rastafari to a broader public will also be one of the main activities of the foundation. This will be done by having Rastafari as inspiration in our activities and in doing so making people aware of that.

The foundation is all about creating as much as possible awareness on all levels so that we can grow as much as possible as people. We overstand something needs to change in the way people see Life and in the way they are living it. Because if we don’t change, this planet will go on without human Life at some point.

The Foundation will be looking for projects to support, and other foundations that have similar objectives, so we might join forces. Although the main focus will be on projects that have effect on a world wide level, smaller initiatives will be supported to.
To do this a lot of funds need to be generated, we have some ideas on how to do this and will be presented here when ready.
At the moment this foundation is still in the progress of building up and dependant on financial support itself so we are not in the position of helping anyone yet or beginning projects that need funds.
So if you or someone you know would like to help speed this process up, please think about making a donation in the form of finances or services.

Future developments will follow soon…

Blessed Love

Last Update 14/01/2021