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Last Update : 18/06/2021

Blessed Love,
This section is meant for any company or person that would like to sponsor this website.

Currently we don't have any sponsors yet, but if there is a company or person that would like to be a part of making this website grow to its full potential and in doing this possibly making the world a more aware and even a better place, and would like to have their name attached to that, then this website might be interesting to sponsor.

We can see all kinds of big sponsorship deals being made with people kicking balls, hitting balls, throwing balls, running with balls, driving circles with race cars, famous people...Also with people or organizations doing things like digging up the bones of dinosaurs, building spaceships to fly to other planets or to make the latest Gadget, all kinds of sponsorship deals are made...This is fine because we know that there are commercial reasons for this by getting name exposure from popular people or events that reach millions of people and in other cases its just because an individual has a personal interest for a certain cause.
We are not on the level yet that we reach millions of viewers so in that way we might not be interesting to sponsor, but the website Is set up in a way that we have the potential to do this. So for farsighted and courageous companies who would like to have their name tied in making this a reality it could still be an interesting opportunity. It could also have extra value to sponsor us before we become well known as people might have appreciation for this, having shown your courage and will to take that leap of faith.  
Otherwise we will wait until we do have enough viewers so that we might become a more interesting partner.
Then we still have anonymous sponsors...we overstand that not everybody wants their name tied to a website like this as it is a bit of ice breaker, but still might see its potential and would like to support it without having their name or company tied to it. Then this also possible and is welcomed to naturally...

We are not looking for investors who want a piece of the pie so to speak or want to have a say in how we do things. Any future funds created by this website will be divided between the projects we set up or support and the responsibility of operations will be in the hands of the appointed council members. Although we are always open for reasoning and in that way ones close to InI can still have some influence.   

We don’t want any advertisements on the main pages of the website. So this page and the Marketplace is what people or companies can use for advertisement. There is a lot of freedom and space for any company or person that would like to promote itself here, like a simple banner with a name, or more detailed information. We can even make a whole page describing your company.

Just let us know if you are interested so we can reason about it and explain our mission and thoughts on how we can grow into a website that has big exposure.
Ones can also read the Donations page wherein we explain more about what we need funds for and the potential of this website.

For those interested Mail us at yahloyalty@yahoo.com