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Last Update : 21/01/2021

Blessed Love 

Here we will provide all the information that is needed to create a healthy diet.
What people eat is very Iportant, the food we ingest has a direct effect on our physical, mental and spiritual state of being. People can survive on bad nutrition for a long time and not feel the effects of that directly, people won’t get sick strait away if they eat a hamburger at McDonalds every day or eat sweets and drink soda pop all day long. If people eat a lot of unhealthy food they might get bad skin or get fat, but other then that they probably won’t notice much physically (directly). Still the effects are there, and the effects Will get noticed at some point in Life. Maybe by some heart or kidney disease or cancer, whatever… in the long run unhealthy eating will catch up to everyone. Deterioration from eating unhealthy food usually is a long process. If people could experience the difference between healthy nutrition and unhealthy nutrition in lets say a day, they would surly feel the difference. But it usually takes time for a body to adjust and take effect when someone changes to healthy lifestyle, and so the changes might not be that noticeable in the beginning.
Never the less eating healthy is more of a common sense thing, by knowing what is good and what not, and knowing that food has a direct effect on the body. 

As for Rastafari, there are different reasons why many of us are vegetarian or vegan.

  1. The Bible tells that YAH made the plants and Herbs to be as food for I&I.
  2. Studies have shown that meat is an unhealthy food source
  3. Studies have shown that Dairy products are unhealthy for man
  4. We know every living thing is connected and part of YAH creation, so we don’t kill or destroy anything YAH make.
  5. The meat and dairy industry causes much more environmental damage then motor vehicles.
  6. Meat and dairy products have negative affects on the human spirit, causing animal like behaviour.
  7. It sets I&I apart from the babylonian lifestyle, becoming a source of inspiration.


Any of these points could be a reason for people to turn to a vegan or at least vegetarian diet.

Some might say that people need meat for protein, but there are plenty of alternatives like tofu, Tempe and beans to name a few. So that doesn’t have to be a reason to stop eating meat.
Meat is like an addiction, it can taste and smell so nice, the tongue and nose are so used to it that it’s very hard to say no to meat.
People also often say that humans have been eating meat for so long that it must be normal and natural. But what if this meat eating played a part in the downfall of humanity over the past couple of thousand years? Because our ancestors had great knowledge and could do things that we can’t do today (like building pyramids) and had spiritual powers that we have now lost. At the moment we are raping the planet with all of it’s its inhabitants (including humans), and the ingestion of meat might have played a part in that. We could argue that meat has changed our society in a more violent one, because what you eat is what you are. When you eat something that is wild you can become wild to. When we take in this meat we also ingest the hormones that make these animals behave a certain way, hormones that stimulate sexual lust, predatory and survival of the fittest behaviour, aggressiveness. When an animal gets slaughtered and is in fear of its life it releases stress and fear hormones which can in turn influence our behaviour when we eat that. So we say that we are better of not being under the influence of animalistic hormones and just keep it lively by eating fruits and vegetables.  
And also don’t forget that the way and where we get meat from has dramatically changed. The meat we eat today is not the same as in the past when he animals lived freely. Now they have large animal factory farms that show absolutely no raspect to Life and feed the animals all kind of unhealthy food with growing hormones and medicines. This is what we are eating to when we eat those animals. 

In any case whatever people want to eat, the choice is yours. We just want to make people more aware of some things, so that they can make a better decision about this. Because now most people eat without any consciousness, they just eat and do what they like and are used to, but most of these habits come from living in babylon. That people are used to something doesn’t mean it’s good or normal, and Rastafari is all about changing from unhealthy to healthy, unconscious to conscious, negative to positive, unclean to clean living. Changing our diet is part of the Ivolution.
So to encourage this we have collected some recipes that should help people move to a more healthy diet.

 Ital recipes are all natural, food without any preservatives, no processed food, no salt, no meat, no dairy products and no powder spices like curry and such, just the whole natural and fresh spices.


The Raw recipes are the healthiest. Raw is any vegetable or fruit without having it cooked or fried. Vegetables and fruits carry a Life force in them, but when these foods are heated this Life force dies out. It will still have a lot of vitamins and minerals, but the living Life energy will mostly be gone. This has been proven by making an Aura photo of uncooked and cooked vegetables, the uncooked vegetables had a bright glow, and the cooked vegetables didn’t glow at all anymore.


Vegan recipes are without meat, egg and dairy products, but with any kind of spices and salt.


Vegetarian recipes are without meat but with dairy and egg products.
We encourage anyone to try this healthy Life style as much as possible, it can only be beneficial and help people move to higher state of being.  


Dr Sebi's recipes are alkaline and non hybrid in nature, combined with Herbs this can be a very effective method for curing or being beneficial agaist every disease were are plagued with.
more information about this can be found at the heathcare section over food and herbs.

Blessed Love.   




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