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Last Update : 21/01/2021
Aspertame Used as an alternetive for sugar and found in most light products, it causes various health problems including obesity. Is came on the american market through doubtfull circumstances, first not being permitted for consumption, then after the responsible president of the FDA got replaced by someone who permitted it.

Corn and soybeans are two types of crops that have undergone major genetic engineering. about 95% of soy are grown from GMO Seeds.
Soy is a complex starch that creates sulfide in the body, it in turn eats up the iron and oxygen. It’s inorganic silica. It is also high in estrogen, which might cause a chemical imbalance for men.

Sugar is highly adictive and causes all kinds of health problems, like obisity, high blood pressure, acidity a.o.

Salt Will harden your arteries and eventually cause health issue, like high bloodpressure. Recommended is Sea salt, or better Hymaliya Salt.

Meat Meat causes obicity and glogs up vains and arteries, it is acidic and causes mucus build up. if it is not biological it is also contaminated by grow hormones used in the meat industry to make the animals bigger and fatter. Stess hormones are also released when the animal gets slaughterd, which causes stress why ones who consume that meat.
Milk Is not meant for human consumption, it clogs up the arteries and creates mucus and puss in the system. It is 6.0 on the ph level chart.

Nutmeg Deadly!!! Boil two nutmegs and drink the water; you’ll be dead in two minutes. Nutmeg has arsenic and was made by man.
is an oxide of allyl. It’s dangerous and doesn’t allow wounds to heal. It is 3.3 on the ph level chart. It burns cells and destroys cells and weakens the membrane. While garlic does lower blood pressure, it has a tendency to destroy the membrane.

Yeast Yeast destroys the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system.

Water Tap water is contaminated by chemicals like chloride (some countries have baned that) and also the molecular stucture has been comprimised compared to natural spring water.

GMO's Genetic Modified Organims are lab built seeds, that create plants that are bigger and less vonurable for pests and diseases. The health problems that may acure from eating these product are still under investigation, but some fear it may cause cancer and other diseases.

E numbers E numbers are found in most procesed food and can cause many different health problems like cancer and others.

Canned Food Canned food ussually have perservetives in it that are unhealthy. Use fresh food if you can, but if you want something ready made try to get biological canned stuf from a health store, and preferably glas containers.

Microwave The Microwave kills your food and left without useful nutriants.


Most vegetables and fruits are not natural, they are made in a lab by combining two different spiecies to create something new that would not have acurred naturally. This leaves the vegetable with an incomplete molecular structure, less usefull vitamins and minirals, high in starch and mostly acidic.

White Rice a.o. Contains cyanide and high levels of starch. Rice will compromise the mucous membrane. It is also high on the Glycemic index.
Wheat High in starch and acidic
Strarch  Spaghetti, Rice, Bean, Potatoes, Cane juice (highest concentration of starch) Starch is a binder. It is a chemical. To tie two unequal chemicals you have to use a starch. Starch will have you thinking logically, why you should kill yourself.
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