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Blessed Love, we want to share this Rastafari inspired meditation which I Ras Monk Elder have developed over the past years.
It began in 2010 when I started to feel a slight physical vibration in my body when I was smoking Herb. First I thought that I was just very High and that this was the reason for this sensation. But as I felt it more often InI decided to work with it and enhance this vibration which over time turned into this Rastafari inspired meditation technique.
When I first began this meditation the main focus was on getting into this vibration state and then vibrating as long as possible and increasing its intensity. After being in this state for some time, I relax which causes an increased sense of energy flows through the body... I have experimented, trying different things, learning from experience and kept track of I progress so other people might learn from it. I have put together a set of guidelines that make up the meditation. This explanation is meant to give people some insight about what I’m doing so they can try it them self or maybe for Inspiration to find something that feels comfortable for the I.
I call it

The Zion Vibration Meditation .



* First InI put on Nyahbinghi, or Reggae music, as they have certain vibrational and loving qualities that can give more meaning to the meditation, because of the messages and knowledge that comes through them, which gives I something to focus on.
On the Sabbath I usually open and close the day with this Meditation listening to Nyahbinghi and other days usually meditate with Reggae or Nyahbinghi. 
sometimes I don’t have any music playing, but find it more pleasant with...what to listen to is a personal choice and it doesn’t always have to be the same.


* To assist with getting the vibration started InI smoke pure Herb without tobacco. Usually with a vaporizer which is the cleanest and most pure form of smoking, only inhaling the vapor of THC. A normal (pure) Spliff works as well. Just as Cannabis oil. It takes more time to feel the effect of the oil (between 1-2 hours), so one needs to take it in advance, but it also lasts longer.  I experimented with the use of Herb in different degrees and have noticed that smoking more makes the vibration come easier and stronger. But using just a little can also have good effects, it’s just more subtle and takes a bit more time and effort to reach certain heights.
Smoking with tobacco also works, but is not recommended because there is a harmful aspect to that, with all its chemical poisons (if not pure tobacco), and also energetically being a downer, when we want to go up in energy.
It is not a Necessity to use Herb, but it may take more time to reach a vibrational state and it might feel less intense. Especially in the beginning, but after a long period of practice the vibration comes very easy and don’t need Herb to get it going so much, but i just usually prefer with Herb as it does enhance it and makes it stronger.    
Also, InI like to burn some incense at times (frankincense and mere)

* For a meditating posture InI sit comfortably on a couch or chair with feet crossed, and souls of the feet on the ground. This posture seems to enhance the vibration the best. I have tried different postures, like sitting with the legs next to each other without having the feet crossed, sitting on the ground, sitting straight or leaning back. I have tried sitting with legs interlocked, like the Buddha posture, sitting in a chair, lying in bed, standing, in water… I did this because I wanted to know if posture would be important, as that is the case in many other meditations. I noticed that I was able to vibrate in all postures although some work better then others. In bed or on a comfortable chair or couch is what I prefer.


InI lock my hands in the Trinity Sign (Thumb and Pointing fingers touching at the tips) The reason for doing this is because Emperor Haile Selassie I often holds his hands like that and therefore is the main Hand Sign Rastafari use during Prayer, Chanting, I also connect the Pinkie fingers and Ring fingers pointing backwards overlapping each other, and the Middle fingers pointing left and right being overlapped. This creates 7 well known and important figures. These are, 1. a Heart, 2. a Triangle, 3. a Cross, 4. a 6 pointed Star of David, 5. a Five pointed Star, 6. half of a Vesica Piscis (the building blocks of everything) 7 a humanoid form (head, arms,legs) in the middle of the Triangle. I am not sure what meaning or influence that has, but its an interesting fact these symbols  can all be found in this hand Sign or mudra.  (There might be some benefit holding the hands like this, as I know that certain hand signs or mudra’s are used in other meditations which have energetical influence).  Although i can say don’t experience much difference using different hand signs, slightly maybe sometimes.


InI breathe in a rhythmic way, in and out through the nose. When inhaling, I fill the stomach with air first, then going through the chest area. I release the air in the same way (first chest and then stomach) I have tried breathing in and out through the mouth ass well because I know not everybody has a clear nose. This works fine and can even enhance the meditation (especially after vibrating) because air moving past the tongue can cause some extra sensations or energy flows as the tongue is very sensitive. (whatever feels comfortable is good)
When breathing I focus on the Heart Chakra and Love. Trying to feel the energy of Love as much as possible. Feeling and Living in Love is one of the most Important teachings of Rastafari, so with this meditation we also want to project these positive vibrations. Because what we think about during the meditation, is what one physically vibrates out during this time, which could have an effect on other life forms, and could also have influence on what progress one has with the meditation. Having learned about/from other meditation techniques and spiritual teachers, is that the degree of spiritual growth also depends on what state of mind a person has who is learning the practice, and a loving positive person might have different results then someone having negative thoughts or less love. If one is not in this heartical space it might be of use that we think of someone, something or someplace InI Love to generate this feeling.


* After these steps InI begin the vibration technique, I tense up the leg muscles a bit by bringing the knees together (having the feet in a crossed position with the souls flat on the ground), This causes the lower body to start vibrate or shiver slightly. When I first started this technique it helped shaking the legs a bit, but eventually the vibration comes naturally. In the beginning I had to concentrate a lot on keeping this vibration going but this got easier with time and experience. I could describe this vibration a bit like the shivering when we are cold, afraid or very angry, only without the negative aspects that accompany these feelings and fully in control. Some people feel this vibration during an orgasm. That’s probably why I have a good feeling about this technique, because this vibration is linked to primal feelings that exist in Iveryone. I just found a way to Ignite this feeling or energy in a relaxed state. Another way to describe it, is trying to shake your hand as fast as possible, noticing that the whole arm muscle needs to be tensed highly to get the fastest movement. It’s basically the same technique, only with the leg muscles. It is not intense on the leg muscle's at all, and there is hardly strain. Maybe a bit in the beginning to get it going but after while it just goes without much effort.     
I let the vibrating go on for 15 to 45 min or longer (depending on the depths I want to go). Sometimes I have the eyes open, sometimes closed, these things don’t really seem to matter in this stage.
The main thing is to learn how to vibrate in a constant pace with more and more ease and to try and increase the vibrational level. Learn how to control the leg muscles, and notice that slightly bringing the knees together is enough tension to create the vibration (and takes almost no effort) although when I increase the tension, the frequency of the vibration increases as well, and after a while less effort is needed to maintain a steady vibrational level or frequency. Through experience it gets easier to start the vibration, I don’t have to use Herb and don’t have to concentrate as much anymore to keep the vibration going.
In the beginning the main area of vibration is in the lower part of the body (hips and legs) and after some time this vibration will slowly increase and move to the upper body being able to feel it in the stomach, chest and head. During its height InI can even feel the brain, eardrums and vocal cords slightly vibrate and will hear the vibration if I talk or make a sound.  
With totally relaxed leg muscles there will be no vibration.
As mentioned before During this vibrational state its good to think positive thoughts or to focus on the music as these feelings might be coming out of your body as energetical waves filled with your intentions or feelings. I meditated in a bath a couple of times and could see the ripples in the water coming from me, just like when we throw a stone in a pond. In air this will create the same ripples only we are not able to see them (but they are there). I cant say for sure at the moment whether these ripples have any information stored in them, but I can imagine they do. It could have an effect on InI surrounding and might be one of the purposes of this meditation. Spreading positivity and love on an actual physical vibrational level. Instead of only spiritual vibration, what most people do. Raising ones frequency or vibration is popular these days, but it is mostly spiritual vibration. The Zion Vibration Meditation actually raises the frequency or vibration on a physical level. I am just guessing it might be good when both these frequencies are heightened at the same time.


* After 15 to 45 minutes or when InI feel the time is right, when there is a strong energy build up, I loosening tension in the muscles to stop the vibration and change to a calm and relaxed state and straight away start doing simple meditation techniques. Sometimes I hold the first breath for a while before inhaling, then taking a deep breath and focus on the energy that is moving through the body, usually keeping eyes closed (but not necessarily), just relaxing and feeling the energy flows, moving the energy with the mind. The energy moves wherever the mind focuses on, we can focus on the Heart chakra or Crown chakra, the 5 other chakra’s or any other place in the body, maybe a place where one might have some pain or trouble. If I don’t keep attention on this energy it will fade away pretty fast so this is important). I try to get in touch with YAH and Emperor Haile Selassie I and Mother Earth, represented in Empress Menen I and feeling this Life Force. I use my intention to feel this Life Force that is moving inside pulling it down from the Crown (head) chakra from the Father (the Universe, YAH or Emperor Haile Selassie I) letting this energy move down to the Base chakra (perineum area) sending it down to the Mother (Earth, nature, or Empress Menen), also focusing on the Heart charka. And then the other way around, pulling up energy from Mother earth and sending that up again to the Father. I can describe this feeling of energy moving up or down as a tingling, like a wave of energy giving I Goosebumps. (It’s a bit like the feeling people have after an orgasm, or when yawning, sneezing, or when you see something shocking or touching and we get that shiver down the spine…) I try to feel as much of that tingling feeling going through the spine, head and whole body as possible. The height of this sensation lasts about 1 to 15 min, depending how focused I am.
Usually I will repeat this process when I feel the energy waves are subsiding, starting the vibration again (which comes very easy in this state) for shorter periods, maybe 5 to 15 minutes and then relaxing and having this increased sense of energy flows again, I do this as much as i feel like...
After this InI just relax and do whatever i feel like, think about Life or I just listen to the music, and words that are being uttered, or just get up and go on with daily practice.
And that’s it… This is the Zion Vibration Meditation.

What follows are some important notes to give deeper insight about the Meditation.


There are some physical sensations I experience while doing this meditation, although this can be different for people, it might be good to share...

- When I started this meditation in 2010 I noticed I would sweat a lot, after finishing the meditation I always had two wet patches at the arm pits and also the feet sometimes. I found this interesting because I am not making much of a physical effort and I usually don't sweat much.
-When I first started doing this, I would also start to smell different during the meditation, a penetrative smell very different from I normal sweat odor. After some time the smell became less penetrative and even more or less odorless at some point.
Now and from 2017, I don’t sweat or have these sweat patches anymore, during the meditation. It doesn't matter how long I meditate, shirt stays dry. What I think is that this is part of a cleansing process, shaking out contaminants that are in the body through the vibration process… So if this happens we suggest to meditate before taking a shower and going into public places.
- Smelling and Hearing senses increase during meditation, so this might also be the reason why sweat smells different then normal.
- Usually I will start yawning after the vibration when changing to the meditative part, feeling the energy flows. Other Practitioners of meditations also have this sensation, so I think this is a sign of being in a certain energetical state that will invoke this yawning. At the moment of yawning there is an energy release.
- Often, when the meditation is strong, I have the feeling of having a helmet on or like a energy field surrounding the head.
- The heart rate speeds up sometimes (so would like to warn people with a weak heart).
- Also, I experience a kind of body numbness in which I can’t physically feel how my hands or feet are connected. I know the hands are in the trinity sign and the feet are crossed but it feels like everything is one or melted to each other.
- Also, during all these years from the beginning to now I often feel some slight inner vibrations, when I am not meditating and not over the Influence of Herb. Its not like the vibration during this meditation, but more subtle, like a zoom.
- Solutions for obstacles in daily life are easily found.
- An inner calm is growing. I am a relaxed person by nature, but have found that the most stressful things have an had less effect on me negatively, I am/was able to withstand tensions better.   
- Increased energy is felt after meditating, I might be tired but after meditating I still have enough energy to go on longer.
- Thoughts and feelings might be enhanced through inspiration that come within a heightened state of awareness.


This might be one of the most dangerous meditations there is… I don’t know much about other dangerous meditations but this one can have some negative effects, So BE WARNED ! I don’t Think trying this technique is harmful, but I do want to mention that I have had a physical issue since 2012 which could be related to this meditation. I just want to expand on this a bit, so ones are Warned, and should know that this meditation could have a negative effect when the circumstances are not right. 
This health issue started two years after beginning this meditation, I was meditating a lot those days maybe three times and long period. When this health issue came up ,It caused such problems that i had to stop the meditation for a while because it was uncomfortable doing it (the vibration), I wanted to do it, but wasn't really able. Every now and then I would meditate, but not too long and intense. Over the years up until now 2020 the issue has been going up and down, and so has the meditation, increasing the intensity when things are good and lowering it when things are less good. I have been suspicious of the meditation having a role in that, and many times have thought about to stop doing it, but I never wanted to give up the meditation as I thought it was too powerful and could have a lot of benefit for people.

I think it was I personal circumstances that was causing the problem 
What I Think is that the average healthy person wont have the problems that I have had the last years using this Meditation. Especially when only trying it out. Health problems might come when someone does it so extreme as I, but I don’t think other people should be worried about this, one should just be aware of this. Maybe one advise not to meditate too hard with this one, or keep the vibration on a lower level and not always the highest possible. And if one has physical problems, this might not be the right way to go.If you have a problem with your stomach  maybe not such a good idea. The stomach area is where there are a lot of vibrations, and your organs and your intestine and what is in your intestines are going to be shaking inside, so be aware of this please
Whenever i have more useful insights about this I will share it here.


-I would like to mention that I am not an experienced meditation practitioner and don’t really know what I am doing too much when it comes to meditation.
   maybe it’s good to know that the techniques used go against what is being taught in other more traditional meditations (like smoking Herb, crossing the feet, breathing through the mouth, tensing up, listening to Reggae, keeping eyes open, vibrating) but up till now I have a good feeling about this method, something happens… like the vibrating and increased energy flows. Which I didn’t experience as much when learning the Mer-ka-ba meditation years ago. I don’t know if this vibrating is a personal thing or that other people can feel and do the same, but I think others should be able to do it too.
This vibrating could be Important, if we consider that everything vibrates. Vibrations or frequencies make up the world, we all vibrate at a certain frequency. There is some talk that the frequency of the planet is changing, It’s been the same for a very long time (7.83 Hz), but some say it is moving to a different higher frequency, although evidence and research about this is scarce, if true… could give us some overstanding why this vibrating might be beneficial. Maybe this meditation could help move to a different vibration or frequency, or maybe mother nature will take its own course raising our consciousness and frequency in a more natural way moving InI along with the planet.
but this is pure speculation based on logic's and intuition. 
This is not an official Rastafari meditation, just InI version of one following I own path. Which is what most Rastafari do in InI life, so in that sense it is in the nature of how we Rastafari do things. Our advice is to look for something that you feel comfortable with and then try it. If it feels good, stick with it and don’t give up to fast. If you don’t feel comfortable with a meditation, try something else. We can do a standard and simple meditation of just clearing the mind of thoughts, and trying to be in stillness. This is a form of meditation that can be very beneficial to. But we have a feeling that there is more than that and can achieve higher heights with other techniques or by the grace of YAH.


- For one we have to know that there is Life force surrounding us everywhere (also called prana), this Life force can be breathed in so to speak and used for healing and connection to the I. this can be done through different breathing techniques.
- Breathing in a certain way is usually a big part of most meditations, there are different ways to do this. The most common one: breathing deep from the stomach and slowly moving up filling the chest area and then breathing out again the same way, same length. 
- Chakras, there are 7 energy points within the body (up along the spine), where we can focus our intention on, each one having its own properties when (activated). We will show a picture of these chakras so you can see where they are.
- Third Eye, there is something in our forehead called the third eye, it is proven that it physically exits as some type of pineal gland the size of a pie and actually has some of the same properties that a normal eye has. It is said that when this third eye is activated this comes with spiritual insight. There are certain meditation techniques to help open this eye…
- Being grounded is also important and means that you are connected with the earth, you do this by having the souls of your feet (preferably bare footed) flat on the ground and feeling the connection.
-  Something else that is interesting to know is that the human body and every other living thing, including our Mother Earth, every planet or Sun, has a geometrical shape around it, which is the three dimensional Star of David. This is called sacred geometrics and proves how we are all connected on a geometrical level.
This Star (or tetrahedron) is what some people call a Mer-Ka-Ba field, and is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as Mer-Ka-Va which translates as “chariot of fire”. It is thought to be the chariot and whirlwind that took Prophet Elijah into the heavens in Kings 2.2. And in Ezekiel 1.4.The word (Mer-Ka-Ba) is also found in Egyptian writings and is described as a counter rotating vehicle of light that affects spirit and body simultaneously.
The theory is that this Mer-Ka-Ba field can be put in to motion by meditation and in doing so unlocking powers and knowledge we used to have in Incient times, it is supposed to connect people to the Higher I and is said to be used as a vehicle to physically move through dimensions. The Mer-Ka-Ba meditation teaches how to do this , but the one who teaches this technique has also mentioned there are more ways to activate this Mer-Ka-Ba energy field.


When I started meditating in December 2010, I meditated every day (about 3 times) until the middle of 2012. I was very enthusiastic and it felt so nice that it was proof for I that it was something good. Because I didn’t have to make an effort to do this, it was/is a pleasure to do and just came natural. Meditations ini tried without the Vibration meditation were a lot weaker, less pleasant and less interesting. I meditated, trying to feel these energy flows that I get during and after the vibration process. Even though I could still feel some energy moving, it didn’t come to the level like when I do this meditation. Also I really had to force I self to meditate as it was no fun (or less intense) anymore without the vibration, and even forgot about meditating at all for some time. 
Using the vibrating technique again ini could immediately feel the difference between with and without the vibration. So what I dó know now is that this meditation is very powerful and feels much nicer With the vibration.
One of the main problems people have with other meditating techniques, is being consistent. When doing these techniques every day for a couple of hours for months or even years, then it has to feel good, and cant be boring or it will be a Big Challenge and take a lot of disciple to uphold it. For I, this is not a problem because of the Vibration in This Meditation.   

This is it for now, I will give updates on the progress of the Zion Vibration Meditation to see how it is developing, as I am still in the process of becoming aware of what it is all about.


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Last Update : 12/08/2020
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