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Blessed Love,
We have collected some videos to begin with,
More Information about this subject will follow after we have finished with other work we are doing on the website, at the moment there is just one man working on it, so InI have to divide I time into what has priority. Once we have a team working on these subjects things will grow faster, but for now please be patient and do the research for one self.

Or make a donation if someOne would like to speed up the process so InI can form a team to assist in the works.
It will take about 1000 $ to pay for One persons monthly salary,
so we need about 12000 $ for one years salary, 6000 $ for half a years work, 3000 $ for 3 months.
To Finish all the subjects within One year it will maybe take about 12 persons to do that,
Keep that in mind for ones wanting to make a donation,

if someOne has 144.000 $ to spare and InI know there are ones who have this, this website could be finished or very well developed within a year.

The Rastafari page is a good example of how we want to develop pages for these other subjects as well.
Naturally any amount will be thankfully excepted, and we will do with it what we can. we are just giving a prospective of what we need, and trust I this is a low estimation. To really do things properly we need a million or a couple...
So if someOne has a million or a couple, and InI know there are Ones that do...

Feel free...
click on the donation button
Naturally also for smaller amounts.
Give Thanks

If not just be patient please...

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