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Last Update : 21/01/2021

Greetings and Blessed Love, 

   For this website and future foundation to grow to its full potential and in the right time frame, we need other ones. I alone can’t do this, we need assistance from the next I to achieve what needs to be done. We have limited financial resources, which is the main thing needed for this initiative to grow. There are more then enough people that have the resources we lack, so it’s just a case of working together to create a more loving and aware society. 

The work that still needs to be done is so extensive that it will take years if I would have to do this alone. Most big projects and companies have a group of people working together so they can grow and uplift one and other to the desired heights.  

We need to be able to hire and pay ones who we think are capable and trust, people with the same work ethics and mission, which is to have a part in creating a more loving and aware future for as many as possible people on the planet in the way we are doing with this initiative.   

What we have in mind will cost Millions of dollars, but at the level we are in this moment a couple of thousand is all we need to make the first steps. We are only in the beginning faze of this initiative but have enough time time to grow to its full potential, which can be of the size like other big companies like google, facebook, instagram, twitter, wikipedia and so on... We don’t see our selves as a small initiative, in fact we feel as if we have more to offer then these companies or any other company we can think of, as we strive for the highest ideals which is to make this world a better one for all its inhabitants, including the plants and animals. We don’t see anyone else doing the works or having the ideas that we have, so we are already have that position. The only thing we lack are strong financial resources. We have plans that can benefit millions of people and we know that once people start to have faith in this, it can become a reality. 

We would like to give the opportunity for anyone who donates something to get something back in a way of publicity or their name mentioned in a list of people who made a donation (unless someone chooses to be anonymous).
Also companies can contact us for sponsorship. We don't want any commercial banners on the main pages of the website, but in the sponsors area there is room for this in different ways, like only a banner or we could create a whole page to inform people of the companies activities 

Another thing we aim to do is devise a structure where people can choose for what their donation it is being used for and can follow the route of their donation.
We also want to be as transparent with our finances so that everyone can see how the resources are being used. By providing monthly updates of bank statements and lists of expenses. 


Although we prefer donations that we can use for anything we feel is most Important we as mentioned would like to give some control over this to the donator. So people can choose for an Overall donation, or a Specific cause mentioned here… 

* Music development: The music section is a big project within the website. We need to find artists who we would like to promote and share their music with to create more awareness. Besides making new playlists we need to add all the information about an artist to promote them in the best way possible, find as much lyrics as possible, keeping old playlists up to date, make connections with artists to inform them and ask for permissions and collaborations, going to concerts and festival for interviews making pictures and videos, creating our own music label, making new music and music videos, organizing festivals in different countries. Whatever else we can think of...
* Translation: We need assistance to translate this website into the languages we have selected, at the moment we are aiming to translate into 77 different languages, this is a big project and will take a lot of work, Google translate is getting better and more accurate and have many languages that this website can be translated to. The only problem is that people from a certain country usually look up information in their native language and wont find this website very easy. People have to look up information in English and then come up with the idea to use Google translate and they don’t translate in all the languages we are aiming for. To make our self more visible for people speaking other languages then English we want to translate it our selves into as many as possible languages, it will take many years to complete this task or a lot of money, but this website is meant to be become a permanent factor able to keep on growing so we have enough time to do this. Maybe some languages will only be added in 10 years time, but we still have 1000 good years to come in the Kingdom of Christ so there is plenty of time to achieve this. To begin with we are focusing on the 14 languages we have the flags for then add the other ones, but if someone feels compelled to have the website translated into a certain language through there own effort or by making a donation for this this purpose, feel free to and connect with us. 

  * Technical Advisers: We could use some technical assistance with the website, because I am not a professional website builder, sometimes progress stagnates because of the limited knowledge we have. This website is being made with dreamweaver in a very simple way which looks nice, but when we will grow to the heights we are aiming for, it probably needs to be set up in a more professional manor. And even now some simple changes might be good to make, for instance we could make a version that is mobile phone friendly, we are trying to make this desktop version in a way that it also reasonably view able on mobile devices, but it is might be better to make some changes in this area. We could create an App also, and once we get more viewers we are going to have to run on our our servers. So we need someone or a team with knowledge of website building to grow to higher heights.  

* Information gatherers: There is a lot of information to be gathered to fill in all blank spaces we have now, the Rastafari area is reasonably well worked out but still has a more potential to grow. In all the other areas there is a lot of work to be done, searching for websites and books to gathering information, adding videos and links, linking up with people who are involved with certain subjects. This is also an endless process which will take a great effort to fulfill to its full potential. If there is any information ones know about, any videos or websites that would benefit this website, please feel free to let us know so it might be included. 

* Promotion Team: People to promote this website in every way possible, through advertisement, marketing, promotion on other community sites, blogs and such. There is a lot one can do to create more awareness about what we are doing. As of now we have not done anything, even avoiding any promotional efforts because the site is not ready for that yet. We want to be on a certain level when it comes to the information we are sharing before we really start to make ourselves more know. But when that level has been reached we want to market this website in a way that other big companies do. This will take a lot of money and manpower to do but is a part of any big organization who do serious work.  

* Foundation: The Foundation is not official yet, but when this is realized, people can choose to donate to specific projects that the foundation will be involved with.
For the moment we operate through the ToZion Collective company in generating funds for causes we are interested in. This is because we need some money to live from and with a foundation we can't use the funds for personal use, so we decided to start a company instead to generate funds, and share all funds that are not needed for personal expense. The profits we are aiming to make through the ToZion collective is to pay for bills like rent, electricity, food food and such. When we reach to a level where people start making donations we will create a foundation as we wouldn't have to pay taxes. For the moment we are in the process of creating a clothing label to generate funds called yahvida and we will be selling products from Ethiopia, other African countries, Jamaica and other islands from the Rastafari community in our webshop. We are also planning to set up a go fund me site so people can already make donations. For the time being people can make donations to our personal Paypal account listed below. 

* Healthcare: In the healthcare section there is information about some very interesting methods that can be very beneficial for many different illnesses, we need support to do further research on these subjects. We would like to further explore and maybe go to places where these cures originate from to get first hand information, and gather testimonials of people being cured or their experiences, also making documentaries about there subjects.   

* Community: We want to set up a community site, similar to facebook only a bit nicer...We can all see how popular community sites are and are a good method of connecting one and other. We have our own ideas in how to make one, but it will take some good programmers and a team to set up and uphold. Nevertheless once we have the funding to do this it also has the opportunity to create funds as some of these other community sites are worth hundreds of millions, we see ourselves creating a nice addition to the ones that are already here, most of them have only been around for a couple of years and are doing very well. So we should be able to achieve that also...  

* Documentaries: We want to make several low budget documentaries on some of the subjects being discussed here on this website. To realize this we need support for traveling expenses, hotel bills and some spending money. Also some technical equipment will be needed in the beginning. People that have a particular interest in any subject can contact us and then we can see what possibilities there are for making an interesting and beneficial documentary.  

* Movies: We have some good ideas to make movies about some of the subjects we are addressing and would like to try and make a couple, some of the movies we have in mind are simple and wouldn't cost too much to make, we would only need some good equipment, traveling and accommodation expenses and fees for the actors and other ones needed. We also have some bigger ideas but those are for later. 

Besides these main areas we want to focus on, people can link up with us if one wants a certain area or subject within the website to be expanded. In the other subjects and current issues areas for instance we have a lot of different subjects. If someone would like any of these subjects that might have more interest to them given more attention, please feel free to make a donation for that, so we can look for someone to join our team and have them work on it. I personally am more focused on subjects like Rastafari and African related information, so that has priority...but we will look for and hire someone to work on any other subject if we get the needed funds to to do that. People can also offer their own assistance in doing that, only we would have to feel good about that person and things would have to be done in collaboration with us. Ass we have to protect the integrity of the website and its information.     

That’s it for now, please donate and give thanks to most high YAH, Rastafari Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I.