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Last Update : 02/02/2021

Blessed Love, 

This is a copyrights statement to all it might concern... 

When we started making this website we had some questions about if it was permitted to use YouTube videos on a website. We searched on internet for the answer and found out there was no clear answer about this. It is clear using other peoples material without permission is not legal, only who would be responsible was less clear. Was it YouTube or the people who upload videos, and also us as a third party? What we see with YouTube and other streaming sites is that there is a lot of material being used by people that is not their own. YouTube deletes videos that get a request from the original owner to take a video of the website. We also found out that YouTube pay large amounts of money to artists for using their material, more then a Billion dollars so far. So artists are benefiting from YouTube, directly through there own uploads but also indirectly through YouTube payments to copyrights agencies. YouTube have made it possible and very easy to use the uploaded videos on third party websites like this one and have also made it possible to prohibit videos being used by third parties. Everyone who uploads a video can choose to give permission for others to use it. So there is a certain level of responsibility for the up loader.  

What we can see is that YouTube videos are being shared on a big scale by third parties and that internet is full of websites that use videos with material that is not their own. So seeing all this we thought it would be alright for us to do this as well and share anything we can find on YouTube that we think is beneficial for the website and therefor humanity, but also with the idea that it will be beneficial for the original owner of the material.   

Our thoughts about this is that we use this material for educational uses and awareness, also we try and support any ones material by providing links to pages where people can buy the material we are using and do as much as we can to promote the original owners. Our aim is to try and generate more sales for them, through the awareness that we try create within ones watching and listening to not take it for granted that they can freely watch or listen to the videos and by urging people to show some support if possible. We share links to pages where people can buy cd’s or dvd’s and links to websites of artists where they can buy merchandise or become a fan in support of the artist by sharing their social media sites. We see that we do more of this then other websites, like YouTube for instance... people can watch the same videos we are sharing here but we cant find any links about buying Cd’s or any other promotion of an artist. So by doing this we should create sales that otherwise wouldn’t be made. Also because our website is all about positiveness and global awareness, it should add to an artists reputation of being included here.   

Then again anyone who is the original owner of certain material and is really against our objectives, motivations or methods, can reach out to us and make it clear. We can then make some adjustments, maybe by using less material or nothing at all. We do hereby ask for permission to the ones of who we are sharing their work, and to make it clear that it is for a good cause, educational purposes and that we are not involved in commercial activities, we don't have advertisements on the website and that the funds we possibly do raise through donations and sponsors go to the benefit of the people creating more Love, Inity and Awareness on a global level and that this possibly also has some worth for the I too...We will at some point ask for permission and collaboration once the website is in a better state then it is now, so we have more chance of agreement. For now we give thanks for letting us share the works, Blessed Love.