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Blessed Love and Greetings, Give thanks for the most High YAH Rastafari. We want to make use of this opportunity to bring more awareness about African Istory, its Heritage and People.


Although the exact origins of mankind is challenging to determine, Africa is where the oldest found human remains have been found. Most famous from a woman called Lucy in Ethiopia (3.2 million years old), but also in Tanzania (2.3 million) South Africa (3.6 million). Africa is also the richest continent concerning Mother Earth’s resources like minerals and metals, oil And culture with huge and powerful Kingdoms and is the cradle of civilization. Africa used to be the center of knowledge by building pyramids, practicing astrology, geometry, philosophy, writing, spirituality, medicine, alchemy, engineering and many other things like the fine arts. There is huge evidence of Africans having Important influence in other cultures all over the world. Even though this has been “overlooked” by modern day universities and colleges, it can’t be denied if we do some research about it.
There is evidence of Africans being involved in the cultures of greece, spain, italy, england and other european countries.
Africans were in Asia in the Indian region during the time of Buddha (and long before that), as the winds blows naturally from East Africa to India during certain time of the season known as the Monsoon (the Mon season) this name comes from a time when people from the West African Mon tribe came over.
Africans are also the pre generators of China as this was proven by a recent Chinese DNA study attempting to prove that Chinese were unique and originated in China, they came to the conclusion that about 90 % of the Chinese people had African forefathers. It is thought there was a strong African presence in China at the time the I Ching was written which contains knowledge that is also found in the other cultures that Africans subsided with in those times.   
Incient Africans also played a big part in Native American cultures like the Maya. Before the Maya, there were Olmecs living on that continent. It is thought that from the Olmec civilization knowledge like the Maya calendar and pyramid building came from. The Olmec spoke a language similar to what was spoken in West Africa by Incient tribes. They left behind huge stone heads showing how they looked like and had undeniable African features.
Africans have also been very important in Muslim culture as Muhammad had African roots being a direct descendant of Ishmael, a son of Abraham and thus part Hebrew. In the early stages of Islam when Muslims were being persecuted and hunted down by Arabs who didn’t agree with Muhammad’s teachings. He told his followers to go to Ethiopia because a righteous King lived there who would protect them. And this is what happened, the Ethiopians protected them and have been living there ever since, it was the first foreign Islamic settlement outside Arabia. This was a decisive point in the history of Islam. Because of this Muhammad told his followers to leave the Ethiopians in peace and never make war with InI.
These are some examples of how ancient Africans influenced other cultures. We will provide more details about this lost Istory that has been suppressed by modern day societies and almost forgotten, back into our awareness.


historically the name Africa is used to describe the whole landmass and originated from the greek word aprica (meaning sunny land) and the Phoenician word afar (meaning dust). Some say it was because of a roman man, named Africanus. But this was a title given to romans who had achieved notable victories in the roman province of Africa.
I-storically before the greeks came up with this name, there wasn’t One name to describe it. There were never continents and countries in the ancient days, this is something the europeans invented somewhere from 1500 AD during their exploration (exploitation) and colonization period, that's when cartographers started drawing maps, borders and naming continents and countries.
Instead the regions where people lived were named by themselves and would have been different depending on the area they lived in.
Egyptians for instance named their region Kemet or KMT meaning Black land, or Ta-Merry meaning Beloved land.
Cush is an ancient name mentioned in old scriptures and is described as the land of what we now know as Ethiopia.
Ethiopia was also named Axum by the Axumites in a later stage of its origins and the Oroma people also from that region called there land Oromia.
The Koisan or San people in what we now now as South Africa, named it Ae||gams or Nu||gas (not the correct spelling but something like that) and The Zulu’s used the name “the Kingdom of Zulu, Kwazulu or IsiZulu”.
The Yoruba people (now Nigerians), used IIe Yoruba.
Hausa (also from nigeria), Hausaland.
The Akans (a collection of tribes in Ghana) used different names within each tribe, Like the Ashanti tribe called it Ashanti land or the Fante, Fante land. Others names for people within Akan culture were, Akaupem, Akyem, Akuamu, Adanse, Asona, Bretuo, Aduana, Asene, Agona, Bono, Birim and there might have been more but these are some of the major ones.
The Maasai (west africa kenya, tanzania) called it Maasai land.
Himba (primaraly namibia), Himba land.
Hutu and Tutsi (Rwanda and Burundi, Congo and Uganda) Hutu or Tutsi land.
The Bantu is often thought to be an ancient tribe that spread across large areas of the land, although its exact origins is not sure, they probably originated in the west, the region now known as ghana, nigeria or cameroon but spread throughout central, east and southern regions, because of how widespread they are, there were different names for the regions they lived, although the name Bantu is more a term used by Europeans to describe a people using the same language, that word originated from a word within the Bantu language -ntu which means “People”.

So even though there is not One ancient “original” name to describe Africa as we know it today, These are some original names that were not created by europeans.
We still use Africa for this I-site, because this is how we call the Whole of the land in these days, and is what we are more used to.  


Repatriation is also a big part of this initiative. This can be because people who were taken from Africa by force might have this feeling of wanting to go back, but also because it is prophesied in the Bible if we look at that book from an African perspective, with the Ysraylites moving back Home to New Jerusalem or Zion when the Messiah returns. New Jerusalem can be found in Ethiopia as this is the original description of Lalibella, a famous place in Ethiopia known for its rock hued Churches. And also because of the possibility that the Messiah already has arrived and came from Ethiopia (H.I.M.).  
Also with how things are going in the world, at some point Africa might be more appealing or a necessity to move to.  
So we as Rastafari will do InI part in realizing this, giving information about things like which counties are best to repatriate to, how much money it would take, about the paperwork, land cost, housing, job opportunities and also about other organizations that are dealing with this issue.   

It’s Iportant to know about InI culture and heritage because it can give a sense of purpose and direction. We have to know where we came from to know where we are going.
Zion is the destination…So we will provide information about this beautiful and rich land in an attempt to restore the link, feelings of Pride and Africa being Home.

African pride and re-connection with the land and people is our focus here and can be found in the different subjects found on this page.

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