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Last Update : 24/02/2017

Blessed Love, here we will give some more overstanding about the subject Ysrayl. This a very Important issue that has a a big role how our societies function worldwide. People all over the world, whether it be Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s, etc. even people without a religious faith have been (willingly or unwillingly, conscious or unconsciously) greatly influenced by the Bible. The norms and values of many of our societies have been built on the foundations of this book. Wars have been fought and countries have been formed because of it. People have found Joy and sorrow because of it, whatever the case these scriptures (written by Ysraylites) have played a Big part in of how we live in this world together.
It is Important to know who the remnant of ancient Ysrayl are in our present times. Some people might think it’s only the commonly known Jews who are true descendants of the Hebrew Ysraylites, but there are more groups that know they are a part of these ancient Tribes.

We know many people would prefer to ignore or avoid this information because of the negative thoughts that this subject can generate. Because if we look at distant and recent history and see the wrongdoings that have been committed in the name of the Bible, the wars, oppression and lies. it is overstandable that this can create some aversion within people. 
People also might want to avoid this subject because they simply find it too hard to believe. We have only been taught from one perspective about this over our past history, it’s only been in the last 100 years or so that other groups then the Jews have made claim to Ysraylite heritage. So it is also overstandable that it is hard to let go of that inbred notion.
There are naturally also people that see the positive side of InI, but it seems like many people are fed up with anything that has to do with Ysrayl and the Ible, probably not waiting for another group making a claim to Ysraylite descent, possibly asking themselves why bother? is that really so important? We are all YAH’s children, why do you want to be special? Or think that it will only create more unrest.   
We can overstand why people have these feelings, but that gives us more reason to say something about it. Because the Bible and the Ysraylites are not here to teach us about these negative things, it is not supposed to generate these ill feelings. It is something positive when we know the whole truth about it. 
If you would like to know how all the negativity about this subject can change in to something positive with great promise for us all, then try to let go of all preconceptions, be open minded and non judgmental and you might see the Importance of addressing this issue.
We don’t want to see any unrest or animosity between any of the parties involved so we will Raspect every ones viewpoint, wont judge and have a peaceful approach to the whole matter. War is something we don’t want anymore and is not the message that the Ysraylites were chosen to utter.
So this information is not going to be about who is Not a true Ysraylite or a black and white thing.
But more to give everyone a chance to be who he or she wants to be without being judged for that (that is something we should leave in the hands of YAH). 
Still we will have to talk about the truth and the truth can hurt sometimes, but this is something that needs to be accepted. We will present all groups fairly so people can get a deeper overstanding about this subject and therefore have a more objective opinion about the matter.
So who are the remnant of the Nation of Ysrayl?

Basically there are 3 ethnic groups that are claiming to be descendants of Ysrayl.
1. The Caucasian Jews who móst people consider to be the direct descendants of Ysrayl and are worldwide acknowledged to be so. They consist out of 2 different main groups. 
* The Ashkenazi Jews (who mostly originate from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries in that region) 80% of the Jewish population in the world are Ashkenazi.
* The Sephardim Jews, which seem to be more of mixed group (Caucasian, Arab and African), who mostly originated in Spain and Portugal from the time when the Moors were living there.
2. The Arab Jews who were living in Ysrayl before there was a mass movement of Ashkenazi and Sephardim Jews to Ysrayl after the 2nd world war.
* They are known as the Mizrahim Jews and live in countries like Yemen, Morocco, Irak, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Libanon, Turkey,  a.o.).   
3. A variety of African groups. 
There are a couple of Black Hebrew Ysraylite groups functioning independent from each other. 
* One of them are The Falasha from Ethiopia who know they are original Ysraylites, they have held on to Ysraylite heritage from 900 BC until now, proving the link between Ethiopia and Ysrayl and the events mentioned in the Kebra Negast are not fictional, as it states that Menelik (Son of King Solomon and Queen Makeda of Sheba) was to continue the Solomonic kingdom in Ethiopia and was accompanied in those days by the first born sons of the elders of Ysrayl. With the Falasha being a physical remnant of this, it is difficult to deny these events never happened. Many Falasha are living in Israel since they were flown over by the Israeli government to protect them from persecution when the derg regime took over from Haile Selassie. Reports are that they do not have it easy in Israel and widely discriminated. 
* The Lemba tribe in South Africa have Hebrew customs and have been proven by DNA studies to be descendants from Ysrayl (just as the Falasha’s). 
* The Akan tribes from Ghana are known to have Hebrew roots and still keep some Hebrew customs, the Ashanti being one of them (This is where the Bobo Shanti get the name and from)
* The Igbo tribe from Nigeria is another large remnant, and also have many Hebrew customs. 
* Then we have the Black Hebrew Ysraylites of Jerusalem founded by Ben Ammi Ben Israel and have been living in Israel for many years now, not fully accepted... but are starting to become a part of Israels culture more and more. 
* There are also other Black Hebrew Israelites who are best know for preaching on the streets of America about their faith. They are often quite militant and might seem a little harsh sometimes and are therefore not very appealing to many people, but they have a role in the fulfillment of the scriptures having gained all the information that is needed to give us a different viewpoint about who the Ysraylites are today. They have done extensive research and we can all benefit from that even if we might not agree with their approach.
* There are some Black Churches in America that minister about the African connection with Ysrayl.
* Rastafari have also found I&I roots and identity in the Bible and it is widely acknowledged within Rastafari that we are the descendants of the ancient Hebrew Ysraylites. Although this is not common knowledge and accepted by all Rastafari there is a large group that knows this, and live by it. 

So we have all these different groups with different ethnic backgrounds claiming to be the descendants of Abraham. How are we to know who the original root is? 


It is impossible to see if someone is a descendant from Ysrayl by looking at skin color or other physical trademarks, as this can change greatly over years. 
Genetically speaking anyone could be a descendant from Ysrayl. There are white looking people that have more African DNA then European, And black looking people with more European DNA then African. It can take only two or three generations for a black man or woman’s offspring to look more white then black if that child and its offspring would only have white partners after that, so think about what 2000 years of integration can produce…all colors, shapes and sizes… Usually black characteristics tend to stay on the forefront because African DNA is dominant over European DNA. But eventually this will fade if a minority integrates in to a larger dominant group. So we can imagine that if there were dark skinned African Ysraylites in Europe 2000 years ago they could have turned into how Jews look today (like the Sephardim Jews who still have dark characteristics often having woolly hair and dark eyes, and even Ashkenazi who have less of these characteristics). We might have personal opinions about who is a true Jew or not, when looking at someone individually we can’t make that judgment call, we can’t prove anything and should have the overstanding that there is a possibility that Anybody can have sóme Hebrew blood in them.
DNA experts are the ones most likely who could give an answer to this question. The only problem is that there are no DNA samples from Ysraylites living 3000 or even 2000 years ago. The DNA used today to determine if someone is genetically a Ysraylite derives from people who most people have accepted as Ysraylites, but not necessarily are closest to the root. The DNA from modern day Jews was taken (from the cohen branch especially, as they claim to be direct descendants from the priesthood of Aaron, and are therefore less influenced by other genetics ass members from the priesthood are less likely to marry outside there own race and therefore more pure they say). Based on this DNA the determination and comparison was made and then compared with other ethnic groups. What they also could have done, is take DNA samples from the Lemba in South Africa or from the Falasha Jews in Ethiopia as Prime DNA sample and then do studies based on that DNA and see who their closest relatives are. They have compared the DNA of the Falasha’s and Lemba’s with Jews and found that they áre related although they are not the closest of relatives. Mizrahim, Sephardim and Ashkenazi are more closely related to each other. 
In any case this is very scientific, people would have to undergo some kind of DNA test to divine who they are and this is not very realistic (especially because we don’t have any Proven ancient Ysraylite DNA to compare anybody with). So we wouldn’t recommend taking this path to find out who the original Hebrews are, as it can be misleading.  


These are some examples of how Ysraylite Blood mixed with other nations in the world and is therefore difficult to detect.
* First is when Ysrayl got overthrown by the assyrians (700 BC) and babylonians about (500 BC). Many Ysraylites were captured and taken to those foreign lands and eventually (in some cases) integrated with the population there. The ones who didn’t get captured or killed most probably fled to surrounding countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan and Ethiopia (as they knew these countries already) and integrated into those societies.
* There was a large group of Ysraylites that returned to Ysrayl from babylon after their captivity there (and probably had mixed relations there too), who in time got overthrown again by the romans around 6 AD and then scattered around that area after Yerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD. Although many Ysraylites were killed or taken as slaves to italy, naturally there would still have been a remnant that managed to escape this persecution (it is very unlikely that the romans killed or enslaved évery Ysraylite). These Ysraylites fled deeper in to Africa and started to mix more with the other African tribes and evolved in to large communities there (like the Ashanti from Ghana, Igbo from Nigeria and Lemba in South Africa).
* Somewhere about 640 AD The Arab Muslims conquered huge stretches of land in Africa enslaving and mixing with the African-Ysraylites for more than 1000 years. There were a lot of African/Hebrew/Arab mixed Muslims that conquered Europe in 711 AD called the Moors. The Moors were very favorable towards the few Ysraylites already living in Spain at that time, and this is known to be the golden age for Jews in Spain, this remnant is known as the Sephardim (Spanish) Jews. 
* When the European slave trade started even more dramatic mixing came into existence. The people were taken from areas where a lot of the ancient Hebrews had big settlements (some of them probably not even knowing they had these roots, after 1000 years of Muslim domination). Slave traders came, tearing families apart (fathers, mothers and children were often separated) creating random new ones with people from all kinds of different tribes being put together, scattered all over the world. The slave masters would often rape the enslaved woman (to make new slaves). It also happened that less cruel slave masters would integrate their African offspring in to their own white family (this might have been rare, but it happened). Because of all these things there is a lot of mixed Ysraylite blood out here in the world (especially among African people). So we can never determine anymore who is who, physically…
What this means is that Everyone has to decide for them self who they want to be. If a Jew, an Arab or an African feels like he or she has Ysraylite blood let them be…We would only like to see this person act responsible in a way that YAH has intended for us and live according to who they Think they are. 


If we stay true to Biblical scripture and have faith in what is written, we might find an answer how to find or identify Ancient Ysraylites in these times. Ass the Ysraylites are bound by certain spiritual principles made in past covenants mentioned in the Bible, and who’s Istory and future are shown clearly within the scriptures. When we compare scripture with actual facts, answers come to light. Looking at these signs, there is a group of people that fit within the scriptures better then others. This is where the truth can hurt because it takes away validity from some. Still we want to stay tolerant to the believe of others, so we don't want to say definitively say that if one does not exactly fit within the scriptures, that they are not part of it.
This way of looking at the question though is empowering for certain groups and will naturally diminish others, but this shouldn’t be a problem for honest and wise people and might even give some new insight why things are in the bad state as they are. And a possibility to grow and move forward with more peace and love.    


Now we give Raspect to anyone when it comes to this subject, but would like to see the same from others to.  Rastafari (and other groups) know we are from this Royal Linage and don’t need to get clearance or approval in some way from anyone. We know a lot of Jews won’t agree with this, but we suggest taking in this information without judging immediately. Do the research, be open for the possibility that history might be a little different then what you have been taught in the class room, church or synagogue, search in your heart for the Truth. This is very Important information for the Jewish community, because if there is Any truth in what is said here some big changes need to be made within the Jewish community and personal consciousness. You can reject what is being said here and be Judged for that (when the time is there) or welcome your lost brothers and sisters in your consciousness as being a part of you. We overstand most Jews (and people in general) only know what is being taught in school, at home and in places of worship. If it was never taught that Hebrews used to be dark skinned, then how could you know? Rastafari don’t have ill feelings towards Jews personally, some proof of this is that there are no Reggae songs that say anything bad about Jews, when the reason was there to do so. This is the moment for us to make a choice, Take notice of the Loving teachings of Rastafari that is leading us in to the Light (Jew, Gentile, Hebrew etc.) or… keep on believing and living what babylon is trying to achieve.
In any case for many people it is very Important to know the truth about this and can hereby be helped to decide what is truth or not.

Give Raspect and you will get Raspect. And leave all judgment to YAH.

Blessed Love

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