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Greetings, Most High Blessings in the name of Ras Tafari, King Haile Selassie I the 1st, Conquering Lion from the Tribe of Yahuda, Defender of the Faith and Light of the world, coming from the Royal Lineage of King David and King Solomon. We also greet InI in the name of Her Majesty Empress Menen Asfaw, Queen Omega from the lineage of King Solomon and prophet Mohammed. 

We would like to welcome everyone from all the corners of Mother Earth, it doesn’t matter what faith you have or from what ethnic group you come. The information presented here should be of interest to a wide variety of people. Many aspects and expressions of Life and its societies will be shown and Raspected here, this so we might learn from one another and find more overstanding about one another. This is greatly needed because we have a saying which is “One Heart, One Love, One Aim, One Destiny...” but at the moment there is so much division in the world that this type of harmonious living is far from reality. 
That is why we have created this I-site, to do our part in creating a better world by sharing our knowledge and that of other people throughout human Istory so far. 

The foundation of this site is built on the teachings of Rastafari and other African cultures. That saying, one of the things we would like to achieve here is to give a better overstanding about the Livity of Rastafari, because outside of the Rastafari community little is known about I&I. Many people have heard about Rastafari through Reggae and maybe know that Bob Marley, dreadlocks, herb, peace, love, Africa, a healthy lifestyle and rebellion against babylon have something to do with it, but usually the overstanding stops there, when this is only the tip of the mountain and if we look closer can find something which gives an opportunity for All the people of this world to make a step forward in their consciousness.
Because we know that it is important to raspect other people’s opinions, ideas and faith and that we have to live together side by side in peace and love despite these differences and because we know that there is so much useful, beneficial, uplifting information in the world that could help us as a people move forward, we will present all these different aspects of life, again to give us a greater and deeper overstanding about Life, more awareness…what this site is mainly about, creating an opportunity for more awareness, which enhances tolerance, clear mindedness, more love and peace (among other things).

here is a brief overview of what you can expect from this I-site…


As mentioned Emperor Haile Selassie I has a central role here because for many Rastafari His Imperial Majesty is I&I King and Savior, and without H.I.M. this initiative or any other initiative that has come out of Rastafari livity would not be possible. For one thing, the world has to give thanks to H.I.M. for Reggae which has been a source of Love, Peace, Unity, Knowledge, Strength, Pleasure, Fun, Self Reliance, Self Confidence, Healthy Living, Righteousness, Knowledge about African Culture, overall Raspect, divine Inspiration, Praising of YAH, and more positive teachings. This should not be underestimated. Reggae has been an important balancing factor for Positivity and Upliftment in a world dominated by negative and destructive forces. This should be deeply Raspected and the reason for this (Ras Tafari Haile Selassie I the conquering Lion) deserves some recognition. So we will use this opportunity to share the glory of H.I.M. and give Praises to the King and give Thanks for making everything possible. We know that Through His Majesty we can reach our final goal which is Heaven or Zion on Earth, a transformed Earth where we can live together as One without war and crime and other incompassionate behavior. 
Not only can we learn about His Majesty, all aspects Icerning/concerning the Rastafari Livity will be presented.


There was a time when Africa was the center of light in this world, and Africans were raspected for their knowledge and wisdom. Great Kings and Kingdoms that traveled all across the world leaving an imprint by influencing many different cultures with their knowledge and DNA. This has been down pressed for more than 2500 years now and broken down to what it is today. Most people have totally forgotten about this great Istory and the importance to know of this Incient heritage. Our aim is to assist in the restoration of this awareness which is greatly needed if we want to move forward and fulfill the prophecies and establish Zion on Earth.


This subject is a very sensitive one, as everything that has to do with it has wide implications and has a key role in how we see and experience the world. The Bible tells us about the redemption of the Ysraylites in the last days after a long period of suffering and hardships and not knowing who they were (historically), being scattered all over the world, Hidden…and in bondage (mentally or physically). This website will assist in the process of regaining this lost heritage and breaking the shackles that have kept Ysrayl tied down.
There are many passages in the Bible explaining where the Ysraylites come from, how they physically looked in the past and what they were chosen to do, which is among other things to be like a Sign pointing in the right direction for other nations and people. 
Today it is widely acknowledged that the modern day Jews are these people. Without going in to the discussion if this true or not, we can say it’s not ónly the Jews who could be direct descendants from the Tribes of Ysrayl. 


At the moment most people who get sick are at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry which operate through hospitals and doctors and sell us all kinds of expensive chemical medicine that (a lot of the time) doesn’t cure anything and can even make things worse because of the side effects. There are some very beneficial medicine that help people. But mainly the pharmaceutical industry is all about making money (about 800 billion every year). We don’t want to be in a position where we are at the mercy of that part of the industry, as they keep denying the benefits of better, cheaper and natural health care and will hardly ever advise people in those areas. We will assist by making I&I more aware of these alternatives.


The things we eat and drink have a lot of influence on the quality of our Life, physically, mentally and spiritually... Most people have forgotten or have been neglecting this, so we will remind and assist in returning to a healthy Life style. We will provide Healthy Ital, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and Alkaline recipes which is a big part of the Rastafari Livity and healthy living.


Reggae is very important for Rastafari as Rastafari is for Reggae, the two are linked together and have elevated each other to the heights of today. 
Reggae is truly unique, it is the only form of music which main focus is to really try and make a change in this world, teaching us about Life, calling for a revolution, having one mission, one aim, working separately as One for the same cause.
Besides in Reggae there are many songs that have positive and uplifting messages, so we have made a collection of songs in different genres that have some kind of teaching or positive message. There are some nice uplifting singers, but compared to Reggae artists they are mostly far behind. This is regretful because Music has so much power to uplift the people, so our aim is to emphasis on positive and uplifting lyrics and to inspire other musicians to make more uplifting music (lyrically).


We provide information about the power of healing Herbs that will give people a better overstanding of its many wonderful properties. Herbs cure people from all kinds of illnesses or at least have great benefits in ALL diseases. The mother of all Herbs we say is Kanehbosm Sativa, Ganjah, or… The Healing Of The Nations. This plant is mentioned in the Ible exodus 30:22, translated to calamus in the KJV and is very powerful, it can be used in many different ways.There are spiritual benefits using Herb, known and unknown and can help with meditating. For many Rastafari it is a holy sacrament something to be taken very seriously and not only taken for pleasure. 
Other then that there are multiple practical benefits. We can make clothing, paper, rope, fuel, oil, and many other things from it.
There are many other Herbs that have great healing powers, we will provide information about these too.


Repatriation is another one of the main focuses of this I-site and foundation, as this is an important prophecy in the Bible, that Ysrayl would one day (in the last days) return to the promised land where Zion and New Yerusalem await in the Kingdom of YAH. So naturally this is something we are involved with.
Repatriation is far away in the minds of most people. But the changing times we live in will make it a more logical and natural event to take place through worldly circumstances that will force or motivate people to move and not really go out of nostalgic reasons, it might be necessary to survive the coming events. For this reason we don’t only encourage Ysraylites to repatriate where they originally came from, but anyone who is not living in their home country, and would like to go back at some point in their lives. Many people reside in countries for financial/comfort reasons, when this becomes obsolete we know many would prefer to be in their Home country.  


We are living in a time where Life is at a turning point. Things are changing rapidly and it is hard to keep up with all the developments. The Technological and Spiritual age we are living in has made it possible for our consciousness to grow on many different levels and areas. Spiritual in the sense that the time is right on a Iniversal level, in faith that everything goes according a certain plan, YAH’s plan, LIFE’s plan, whoever we want to name it. There has always been a knowing by most cultures that Life as we know it would come to an end and change dramatically at some point in some way. Different cultures have different names and explanations for this time. We are not saying that we definitely know big changes will happen now or in just a couple of years, just to be prepared when it does... we might still be living in the way we are now for hundreds of years, and the changes that are predicted might not come as fast some people might expect, maybe this change will be a process of growth over a longer period of time. Whatever happens it is good to be prepared for every outcome, which includes a sudden and extra ordinary change. 
In the Current Issues chapter we can learn about and keep track of subjects that can have direct influence in our Life and could give us a better view of what is happening in the world today. 

This website will have a very broad base, exploring the many different aspects of Life not limiting our self in any kind of way. We Raspect and welcome all other cultures and philosophies. We overstand that the Rastafari livity is not the only way for upliftment, this can be found in all corners of the world and in many different forms. We will show these other aspects of Life that don’t directly involve Rastafari but have or could have some positive influence in our journey ToZion. The aim is to create an environment where we can learn from one another and put our differences aside, because there will always be differences. 
We will practice Non Judgment and keep an open mind for alternative reasoning. Not judging is one of the most important things we can do in creating harmony, but also reasonably hard. By bringing different elements of Life together that are not directly related we can practice non judgment, and then have the possibility to learn from one another instead of criticizing and bringing each other down.


In addition to this website the ToZion Foundation will assist in the process of what we are trying to achieve with this initiative. It’s main goal, creating more awareness on all levels of Life and with this heightened awareness start to change the way we live with each other and Mother Earth, inspiring others to do the same, having Zion as our final destination and helping as much as possible people to reach there…
With the Foundation we have a better opportunity to put these words into action.


Something else that is still in the process of being built is an online community where we can come together, reason and share things...


At the Market Place we would like to give people a chance to promote I-self, ranging from handcrafts to music or small companies that fit in or support what we are trying to achieve. People can also ask for help if you have got a good idea or would like to start some business of any kind and need some support. We know banks won’t be of any help for most of us, so maybe in this way there can still be an opportunity.


The Message Board is place where we send messages to people individually or to groups of people, and the other way around. 


In the Links area there is a list of websites that support what is being said here, and promotes websites that serve a common goal.


In the Donations area there is the opportunity for people to be a part of speeding up the process of collective security through sharing and caring. Things are developing kind of slow at the moment and this has mainly to do with lack of funds. So if you have a feeling this work is Important and needs be become widely known, Feel free to make a donation. And if you can’t make a donation, maybe you could pass this website forward to someone who can…Give Thanks


People Might read some words that they are not familiar with and this might cause some confusion, so here is a short explanation. First of all we use the name YAH instead of God or Jah. YHWH (YAHWEH) is the original translation from the Hebrew name (????) in the old scriptures; also shortened to YAH several times. We will be using that shortened version, YAH… (instead of Jah or God) and Yahshua (instead of jesus). We can still pronounce the letter Y as a J, if that feels more comfortable (because which letter was used to make the J sound before there was a J?) there was never a letter J in the english alphabet until somewhere around 1700 ad. So words like Jehova, Jah, Jesus, Jew, Jacob, Jerusalem, were spelled differently before that time. (YAH, Yahshua, Yahuda, Yacob, Yerusalem). The name YAHWEH was considered to be too Holy to pronounce by orthodox Jews, so they changed the name into elohim, adonai, lord or god, and this was eventually adopted by the rest of the world. But the Bible has several verses about the Importance of the name YAHWEH ánd Yahshua, so we will go Forward to this originality, forward to I&I roots...
For the Same reason we have chosen to use Ysrayl instead of Israel as this is the more original name, meaning One who wrestles with YAH (and overcomes). 
sometimes we use I&I as a replacement for me, you, he, she, we, us, our, him, her, them and is meant to show the connection I&I have with One another. I&I means ONE, You, I, and YAH in one.  Rastafari is very much about this oneness and togetherness, no matter what color, race or personal believes, I&I are One and should therefore show compassion and overstanding to one another. The use of I&I is one way of bringing this connection to I&I consciousness as it breaks down all divisions. In Rastafari speaking called Iyahric the I is used in many words like IstorIy instead of his-story or Ifrica/africa, Inite/unite, Ible/Bible, Iveryone/everyone, Incient/ancient, Iportant/important, Ivolution/revolution, Iditation/meditation, Ital/vital ect...We also use words like overstand instead of under-stand, Raspect instead of respect, forward instead of backward, Livication for (dead)ication, no “con” words like contact = Itact, consideration = Isideration. This is done to give a positive twist to words that have a negative sound to it. We used to be consequent (Isequent) in writing like this, but most people didn’t overstand it and caused some irritation, so most of how we write is written is in plain English now, so we can reach a broader public. Here and there we have kept some words like Overstand and Raspect and still use I&I some times, and now you or I also know what it means.   

Although this I-site is over heavy Istruction and far from finished there is already enough for us to explore. For the moment we are more focused more on Rastafari Teachings, and will become extended through time and experience by reasoning with ones who have deeper overstanding about the different subjects. So the I-site is always progressing, that's why we put the date of our last update at the end of each writing, so people can follow the progress of our explanation ass we are also on a journey of growth. So please forgive I&I if things were not perfect from the beginning, but know that is what we strive for, perfection...and is going to take some time to achieve. Progress has been slow over the past years because of certain reasons, but be patient, this will change when the time and circumstances are right.
For most of the other subjects we have collected a large amount of videos and written some of the basics about some aspects, these subjects will be explained with more detail after the Rastafari part is more or less finished.  
Please take time to explore and return from time to time to check out the progress. 

May Peace, Love, and Prosperity be with I&I and YAH be I&I Guide in this distracting world.

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