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Last Update : 7/6/2016

“Greetings in the Most Precious & Divine Name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ who has in this day revealed Himself to us in the Wonderful Personality of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I. 

Greetings through the Orthodox Faith, not a faith of writs or rites, vows, nor laws, but an inward function of the heart, acquired through a Mystical Incorporation, or Unity in One, in plain words to be Born Again.

Greetings through the Twelve Tribes of Israel, which was once lost and scattered abroad, but has now been founded on the island of Jamaica since 1968 by Our Beloved Prophet, Brother Gad, and now functioning internationally!

Greetings also in the Ethiopian Royal House of David now being represented by Our Beloved Crown Prince Zere Yacob Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie I. We pray for the Restoration of the Monarchy! Selassie I!

This is the official greetings of the Twelve Tribes of Israel


The Twelve Tribes Of Israel (TTOI) was founded on February 25, 1968 by the Prophet Gad, Doctor Vernon Carrington, who resided at Davis Lane in Trench Town, Jamaica. This Mansion emerged from his heart after being inspired by reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation a chapter a day. This method of studying the Bible later became one of the pillars of the mansion.

Gad began keeping meetings in Trench Town seeking the first Twelve Brethren and Twelve Sistrens to become the executive Body of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel. Sister Vie or Sister Dinah, brother Gad's wife played a positive role in supporting him on this journey, and presently she still retains the post of Sis Dinah after more then forty years. Brother Dan 1st Chambers remains as an original Executive member.
He also had overseers called “”shepherds” that watch over the tribes that are not in Gad’s presence. There are 49 Executive Members who each hold a "seat on the bench." The 49 is comprised of 12 First Brethren and 12 Second Brethren, 12 First Sistren and 12 Second Sistren, and Sister Dinah, who represents Dinah, daughter of Jacob. Altogether, they split into Twelve Tribes, each one standing for a Tribe of Israel, a month, a color, a body part, and an apostle of Yahshua.

What is the Twelve Tribes of Israel’s faith and which principles do we keep? Many people are interested about this, but information is pretty hard to find, because of the fact that this Mansion doesn’t do much to express themselves through social media or internet sites. We don’t come knocking on doors to try and convert people into being one of InI. Instead we focus on the group that we have formed, working for the common goal: Restoration of the Royal Ethiopian Monarchy and Repatriation to the Mother Land.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel are the most liberal of the Rastafari mansions, compared to the Nyahbinghi and Bobo Shanti Orders which have more restrictions in InI livity. The TTOI have less strict principles except for one; We must Love all mankind.
The Prophet, Brother Gad, taught about the Iception of All for One and One for All, and that there can be no failure in operating in that manner.

The TTOI hold the faith that salvation is for people of all races within Rastafari. whereas the prime attention of other Rastafari Mansions was primarily on African descendants (although not exclusively, and has also changed throughout the years becoming more accessible for others), the cause of this is mainly because of how the white race have proved themselves to be throughout our time: making slaves out of InI and being the root of most evil being done in the world now and throughout history (so it is difficult to fully trust white people because of this even though it is acknowledged that there are good white people to).

The Twelve Tribes of Israel live by the teachings of Ras Tafari, King Haile Selassie I.
So aspects of this mansion resemble more to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity as this is His Majesties Faith. Because of this people of the other Christian religions can easily identify with InI because of the similarities in faith. As also for the Jews, for who it would only be logical that they honor or have at least some Raspect and interest for the last King of Ysrayl in an unending line of Kings stemming from King David. Muslims could also find some peace with us, as His Majesty had an Islamic mother and His Wife Empress Menen, Asfaw Wosen, is said to be a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.

Twelve Tribes of Israel are very civil to women giving them equal rights and high positions in the hierarchy of the Mansion living up to His Majesties teachings by giving the woman of Ethiopia more freedom and education and also expressing this by braking with Ethiopian tradition that the King and Queen were crowned separately, insisting that they would be crowned together, also having Her Majesty as a close advisor.
The Mansion is used as an example of equal treatment of sexes, races and ages. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex or on the basis of faith or religion.
The focus of worship can be in the church or within the homestead.

There is no doctrine pushed upon the members, and are encouraged to find out things for themselves. So it can be, that some members of the Mansion say a different things than others.

We advocate for the realization of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s visions and teachings.
Call on one and all to read the Bible one chapter a day, and work for the restoration of the Monarchy in Ethiopia and the Repatriation of the diasporans to Africa and forward to the New Yerusalem in Ethiopia.
These are three main staples in the faith of TTOI.

When Gad Man had his first revelation, he began to read one chapter of the Bible every day, and so the very first guideline for Twelve Tribe Members is to read a chapter of the Bible daily, one will finish reading the whole Bible in three and a half years.

The second staple is that Yes-us Christ is the only way to salvation and that the first thing we must do is realize that we are all sinners, and then we must realize that Yahshua sacrificed himself to save us from all of our sins: and that YAHs plan for salvation is: We are a sinner. Therefore, unless we have faith in Yahshua, we will spend eternity in Hell. If we believe in Yahshua as our crucified, buried, and risen Savior, we receive forgiveness for all of our sins and His gift of eternal salvation by faith.

The third keystone of the Mansion is working towards the restoration of the ancient monarchy in Ethiopia. As Twelve Tribes say we are the direct descendents of King David and are rightful to be seated on the throne of David, as stated in the Bible that the scepter or throne will never depart from David.


Haile Selassie is seen as a divinely anointed King in the lineage of King David and King Solomon. While he is considered a type/representation of The Messiyah in Kingly Character, He is not seen as Yahshua the Messiyah/Yesus Kristos himself, but a representative of the everlasting Davidic covenant, which is to be fulfilled by The Messiah Yahshua/ I-Yesus Kristos when he returns as The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Yahuda.

Another view that sometimes accompanies the one mentioned above is that H.I.M. is the embodiment of (or is) "The Comforter" spoken of by Yahshua in John 14:26: "...the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."
As stated, some believe Haile Selassie was a physical, (symbolic) embodiment or manifestation of the Holy Spirit, or the one who will be "sent in my name" and "bring all things into remembrance." This is backed up by the fact that His Majesty was crowned as Haile Selassie (literally "Power of the Trinity), Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Yahuda, Defender of the (Christian) Faith, and was of the same Root as Christ (Root of David). Also, elsewhere in Scripture Yahshua says that the Comforter will "come in my Father's name" ('Power of the Trinity') and will "Glorify my name" (Selassie I was obviously a devout Christian, and has done much to glorify Yahshua’s name).

as Twelve Tribe Members are to seek out the truth for Iself opinions differ about this and there are some TTOI who believe that Haile Selassie is YAH or Yahshua.
the prophet's teachings are not forced on InI.

Gad himself held the faith that Christ will reincarnate again and again, as long as there is an Emperor who is a descendant of Haile Selassie I.


The Mansions position on the subject of Ysrayl is somewhat unclear at the moment, as there are different opinions about this. It is acknowledged that there is certainly a connection with the house of Ysrayl through the unification of Queen Makeda of Ethiopia and King Solomon and that through this unification the Throne of David moved from Ysrayl to Ethiopia and because of this sharing the people of Ethiopia became a physical part of Ysrayl. Therefore naturally Ethiopians can see themselves as part of the original Twelve Tribes of Ysrayl.
But when it comes to the view as to who the ancient Ysraylites or Hebrews were physically before they came to Ethiopia is not so clear. We know that the TTOI see being a part of Ysrayl more of a spiritual connection then a physical, and therefore maybe don’t have a clear opinion about this.
Some Twelve Tribe members will say the Jews as they are known today were in fact the ancient Ysraylites, while others say that the ancient Ysraylites, the Priests, Prophets and Kings of the Bible were African to begin with.


The Twelve Tribes of Israel are somewhat controversial within the faith of Rastafari,
By having very different view points then the other mansions of Rastafari namely Nyahbinghi and the Bobo Shanti, although there is more acceptance in these days. There has been some animosity between the tribes because of this.

Reading the Bible, in particular The Scofield Study Bible (Scofield is said to be an "alcoholic lawyer turned preacher"),  and talking about being saved by Jesus Christ (Being the basic belief of the Christian religion). Regarding His Majesty no more then a King in Christly character but not  the Christ or YAH, praying towards the north instead of the East like other Rastafari. Further revelations would continue to cause a disturbance. Gad said “whosever will may come”, and rather then deal with race, he spoke of humanity as the decedents of Noah’s three sons: Ham, Shem and Japheth. Therefore all were welcome and all were brethren, there was no racial discrimination. Gad reminded other Rastafari that women stood next to man as equals and were represented in the Mansion. Although there is a lot of mention about Mama Africa and Queen Omega, women were les involved in the hierarchy of the other Mansions, or at least treated different then men in the traditional patriarchy of Rastafari. In Twelve Tribes, women had important roles and positions (in likeness of His Majesty who also gave more Importance to the role of woman). Gad taught that faith was not of writs or rites, and therefore there was no doctrine of race, sex, food, hair, smoking or holidays... being saved for adherence to certain practices was optional. He taught that marriage was good and important for raising families, and that proper burials were not a problem because man was flesh. These are things that the other Mansions always avoided as this represented a way of life that was part of the babylon system.

The guideline to read a book from an Englishman called herbert w. armstrong is also frowned upon as he tries to convince people that the English, Spanish, French, Denmark, Dutch and Americans are the remnant of the Lost Tribes of Ysrayl, and tries to prove this with his theory that YAH’s last punishment on the Ysraylites would last so many years, and calculated that this punishment ended in 1700 somewhere, as this was the time when these European countries were taking over all the islands in the sea and America was being formed. The Bible says the Ysraylites would become the rulers of the islands of the sea, and so it his theory is that this must be the European countries mentioned above. Prophet Gad not having Dreadlocks was also something criticized by other Rastafari. As Gad argued, there is no place in the Bible that says that we must all dread our hair (only the ones who live by the Nazarene vow). When Dreadlocks is seen as having great importance for All Rastafari by the other Mansions. Plus, the Twelve Tribe of Israel’s Headquarters in New York City is led by a white American.

There are some reasons that Twelve Tribes members still get credit by the other mansions. Namely that all Rastafari Mansions use the Bible as a book for reference, and that the Twelve Tribes still regard Yahshua differently than other Christian religions do.
From an interview with Gad himself:
Question: The Twelve Tribes of Israel is seen as closer to Christianity than other Rastafarian groups. Is there a basic difference in the doctrine?
"Yes there is a basic difference because we see Christ, and that he died and rose again, and that he died for our sins, we see Him as a person. So that is, you know, a different teaching, because there are not many that see this teaching, that Christ is a person."
Twelve Tribes also follow the teachings of His Majesty Haile Selassie I, and no Rastafari can wisely say something against that.
It is also recognized that although there are different teachings from their own, that people are still better of with a Rastafari version of Christianity, then with the other Christian religions.

That the TTOI are not recognized by the other Mansions, is clear to see in the fact that TTOI were usually not invited to the gatherings that were organized by another Rastafarian Mansions. A relatively young initiative, the Rastafarian Unification Organization. A group that is committed to the unification of all Rastafarians, excluded the Twelve Tribes in the beginning.
But latest reports mention that Twelve Tribes are indeed invited to Gatherings.


Vernon Carrington used to be a member of the Jamaican chapter of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. At some point he realized that he was the reincarnation of Gad, one of the original sons of Ysrayl, and that his duty was to reunite the lost Twelve Tribes.
he proceeded to read a chapter a day from of the Bible, Gad began to live his life in a different way, attracting attention from everyone around. When he was bothered about his new actions, he kept telling people to read a chapter of the Bible a day, and that they would see if what he was doing was right or wrong. He began to gain followers, but instead of declaring his way of life a new religion, he claimed to be just trying to organize Rastafari together and prepare InI for repatriation.

Gad was influenced by few religions, mainly Christianity, Christian Science, Theosophy, Unity, Judaism, and Rastafarianism. He left the EWF but organized the Twelve Tribes in similar terms, such as Executive Bench, collecting dues, "bodies" such as Sewing, Food, Music, etc.

One thing Vernon Carrington has said was that left was right and right was left, meaning the true meaning of things was twisted and reversed. In other words, what we know to be true is really a lie - good being evil and evil being good.

Carrington is regarded by his followers as the angel in Revelation 7:2. "And I saw another angel coming up from the east with the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels to whom God had given the power to damage the earth and the sea."

And of Gad he said, Blessed be he that enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the arm with the crown of the head." - Deuteronomy 33:20

Some quotes from Prophet Gad:

"I was being converted in 1961 and I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation twice. But I was being sent, I was called and sent, resurrected and sent to do this work and when I read the Bible I strongly see that there is a gap that is there to be filled and I believe that I am one of them that send to do it Do the work." Carrington

"Well, His Majesty won't be the final king, cause he is not here now, and we have other kings to come, right, so, as for me, I strongly believe, that the monarchy will establish, when, due time."

"We read in the Bible that out of one blood all nation, so it would be wrong for us to say only one race, we wouldn't survive that way, God make all of us, so, that is where I stand."

"There is not a hair doctrine. You see, by grace through Christ, so hair can't save you."


This is a table that Gad Man made himself sometime after he realized that he was the incarnation of the Prophet Gad, he had a vision that led to the formation of this table. It resembles astrology, with people being split up and assigned different tribes and attributes depending on whichever month they were born.

It is based on the Hebrew calendar. As such the year begins with April or the Tribe Reuben. The beginning of the year starts with the first moon and then to the next (ie. the next lunar month) is Simeon and so on. You have to look up the moons in the year you were born to figure out which tribe you are in. Sometimes you can be born in a certain month but through the lunar calendar turn out to be from a different tribe.

Rastafari twelve tribes of israel


The Mansion has twenty houses in eighteen countries; Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Grenada, Australia, New Zealand, England (Manchester & London), Barbados, Sweden, Suriname, Cayman, USA (New York& California), St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Kenya, Germany and Guyana. 700.000 members although this is not confirmed.


How does one become a member?
The first step is acceptance by the Tribe members of the congregation one is submitting to, because they have the authority to not allow people that might pose anything but a positive vibe to the community. People aren’t just allowed to join up. The house in your town must be in a time when they are accepting new members.
Once accepted into the house, the new member is assigned the astrological-type tribe to which he belongs depending upon what month he was born. Then he is required to "pay dues" and "do the work" The paying of the dues is simple and inexpensive. There is an entrance fee of $2 and 20cent is due each week. A separate get together is held weekly where refreshments are sold for fund-raising, but everyone has to put in their 20cent whether or not they buy the food and drinks. There is music and dancing, with reggae artists who belong to the house providing entertainment.

Prominent members in the 12 tribe congregation, are some of the Ethiopian Royal Family


Every week there is a gathering in which members can reason with each other, there are also other separate festival like gatherings organized.
The gatherings move locations, but are primarily held at what is called the "HQ," the place of centralization for the members of each house, they generally have a duration of 3-4 hours. Each one starts out with a prayer, basically its the Apostle’s creed with a the calling on His Majesties name "YAH Rastafari!" at the end of it. Then we sing a few hymns. InI songbook is called "Redemption songs: 1,000 Hymns and Choruses". Next is a session of Bible readings by a few brethren, called the Devotion. We always start with the same Bible reading, chapter 37 from the book of Ezekiel. Now people take turns Testifying, telling the assembly what they think about YAH, Ras Tafari, and other things within the livity. Then another song is sung as an introduction for the conversation about House Mail and Finances, which is to follow. At the closing of the gathering another Bible chapter is read, and "Blessed Be the Ties That Bind" is sung. Everyone faces North and says the closing prayer and sings the Ethiopian National Anthem. We shout in unison, "YAH Rastafari Selassie I!" once more and then the gathering is over.


Gad taught ones to spread the message of unity through music and so TTOI began to host stage shows and dances, and record reggae artists. Reggae artists that are/were Twelve Tribes members or had an affiliation with them are:
Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Israel Vibration, Freddie McGregor, Judy Mowatt, Sister Carol, Mikey Dread, Fred Locks, Garnet Silk, Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser, Luciano, Junior Byles, Brigadier Jerry, Earl 'Bagga' Walker, Pablo Black, Junior Byles, Johnnie Osborne, Denroy Morgan, Morgan Heritage, Sugar Minott, Bob Andy, Ijahman Levi, Admiral Tibbet and more

Bob Marley was a prominent member of the Twelve Tribes, and their favourite performer. He was their "chief singer and player of music,"
Bob Marley came from the Tribe of Yowseph (Joseph), the eleventh of the biblical Ysrayl's twelve children (because he was born in February).
Bob Marley, by quoting a biblical passage about Yowseph (Joseph) on the album cover of Rastaman Vibration, was acknowledging his own support for the foundation. 

It must be said that Brother Bob felt connected to all the Houses of Rastafari, as he also belonged to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and got many of his teachings from Nyahbinghi Elders.


Books besides the Scofield Reference Bible that are highly suggested to Twelve Tribes members are the King James Bible, The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, and a work by a man named Herbert W. Armstrong. He wrote a book entitled "Mystery of the Ages"


Twelve Tribe Members are not given a set of rules or principles rather some guidelines. 
The prophet says we have to find out if the things he says are correct by reading the bible a chapter a day, as he did himself. And that we must follow Haile Selassie, who has said that he was saved by the Blood of Christ, and not by his own character. A true Rastafari follows Rastafari.
What one eats or not eats, is a matter of the heart, not of doctrine. The prophet practices the words of Yahshua, not to become like the Pharisees who say don't eat this, don't eat that.
When the prophet is asked about dreadlocks, and diet. He makes mention of the fact, that 
scripture is not saying that we are saved by our hair, or by what we eat. We are saved
by grace alone, through the blood of Christ. This is what the prophet is saying. Although Brother Gad does not wear dreadlocks himself, he does encourage that people do grow them. In this thing, he is following the Scriptural way. Having dreadlocks is wearing the mark of the Nazarene, ones who specially livicate their lives to YAH.

There is one strict principle which is that We Must Love All Mankind.
The Prophet, Brother Gad, taught about the concept of All for One and One for All, and that there can be no failure in operating in that manner.
Gad also encouraged ones to act as princes and princess and to carry themselves as royalty.


Although Twelve Tribe Memembers don’t have strict principles forced on InI we have a clear theology. What follows is more a guideline and not strict principle.

The Testimony of Bro Karl Naphtali Phillpotts
What I Testify as My Understanding of the Growth and Development of the Theology and Faith of Rastafari – Followers of H.I.M Haile Selassie I. by Karl Phillpotts Naphtali.

1.We accept the Holy Bible, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, as the inspired Word of The Most High, The Father of the Universe.

2.We accept that God is a Spirit, the Creative Word, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, for the Father seeketh such to Worship Him. (John4vs23-24)

3.We accept that man's body is the Temple of the living God, and therefore is His Chief instrument. (1Corinthians3v16, 6v19)

4.We accept and proclaim with all our heart, soul, mind and strength that Jesus, (known in our Hebrew tongue as Yeshua) who trod the earth 2000 years ago, is The Messiah, The Christ, The only begotten Son of The Father and The Saviour and Redeemer of Mankind. That He lived the perfect life and paid for our redemption from the curse of the Law, by His innocent blood (Hebrew9vs11-15, 22) And because no sin was found in Him, in that He was obedient to the Father even unto death, it was impossible for Death, the curse of the Law, to have dominion over Him. He therefore died for our sins and rose for our justification, laying down mortality and putting on immortality. And as such, being the first fruits of them that slept (Romans5v19) and restored to the original form that Adam was created, (i.e. immortal) it is Him Jesus who has fulfilled the seed that would come (Genesis3vs15) to bruise the head of the serpent, the devil, and will restore mankind to immortality and the Creation to perfection, in the Age to come. When he returns to overthrow the existing social, political, economic, and religious disorder and establish Gods Righteous Kingdom here on the earth (Daniel 2 vs44, Isiah54vs21-2). He will reign from the throne of David, from a New Jerusalem, and the resurrected Saints and the living Faithful will reign with Him as Kings and Priests upon the earth (Rev5 vs10).

5. We accept that Until then, as the Scripture teaches, The Kingdom of God will remain in the hands of the Sons of David, (2nd Chronicles 13vs5,8) to whom it was given by an everlasting Covenant, (Davidic Covenant, 2nd Samuel 7) as long as the Sun and Moon endure. This throne of God, established in the Royal House of David and King Solomon (2nd Chronicles 9 v 8) was transmitted to the Ethiopian Royal House via the Queen of Sheba who carried the Royal Seed from Solomon to Ethiopia.

6. The Kings of Ethiopia, descended from King David and King Solomon through Menelek1 are therefore of Divine origin, meaning that their throne was established by The Eternal Himself, when the children of Israel asked for a King, mainly because with their `fleshy' minds they could not understand that the Eternal was their King. (1Samuel 8vs1-9)(Psalms10vs16)(1Tim 1v17)

7. We as Rastafarians of the Twelve Tribes of Israel will never relinquish the Divinity of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie1. By this we mean that according to the anointing he has received, according to the Royal tradition, (1Samuel16vs12-13) the Spirit of The Most High rests upon him and His Words are in his mouth and speaks by his tongue. (2ndSamuel 23vs2-3) We accept His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie1 to be the 225th restorer of the Solomonic Dynasty. Therefore according to the Messianic Anointing he has received, His Imperial Majesty represents the Father and His Christ. We therefore hold that The Eternal Word, Manifested in Our Lord (Master) Jesus the Christ (Anointed) has been revealed to us the Rastafarian brethren and sisters of the twelve tribes of Israel through the personality of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie1.

8.As we accept that God is a Spirit, in the physical absence of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1, the throne as promised will continue in the hands of the sons of David UNTIL Shiloh comes. Let it be noted that as His Imperial Majesty has appointed Crown Prince Zere Yacob Asfa Wossen Haile Selassi1, (14th April1974) his successor to the throne of David, we accept that the throne is now in his hands. (See last two formal pronouncements of Emperor Haile Selassie1 in Edward Ullendorff's Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol.22, 1977;pp209-210) And this Monarchy, wherever residing, will continue as a Light to the fact that the House of David will hold, preserve, and be custodians of this throne in the earth until Shiloh, comes.

9. We accept that the Scepter, that is, the Divine Authority to rule in God's stead or Custodianship of God's throne will not leave the House of Judah, Until Shiloh comes (Genesis 49vs10). Kings from this House have come and have gone, but the one whose right it is (Shiloh) will be seated upon the throne from everlasting to everlasting, not temporarily or over a temporary dispensable Kingdom (St.Luke1vs31-32). This means that He that is to come will be the immortal King ruling eternally. He is the Lamb that was slain, (Rev 5vs 9–10) 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, and rose from the grave and He whom the Heavens must retain, ((Acts3vs 20-21) UNTIL the restoration of all things spoken of by the Prophets since the world began (Acts 3vs 25-26). It is this same Jesus (Hebrew13v8, Acts1v11) the Lamb of God that was found worthy and is now seated at the right hand of the Father Until He Has put all enemies under His feet. It is He Jesus, the non-cohabited body of Christ who will inaugurate the Kingdom of God in the Age to come, the Millennium, the reign of Christ for a thousand years. His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie1 and the Royal House is the cohabited body of Christ who holds the throne until Shiloh comes.

10. We believe that what has been preached in the name of Christ and in the name of Christianity by most Churches, has too often been a doctrine about Jesus but not what Jesus taught. (Galatians1vs6-8). We believe that when the Roman and Greek mind took over the interpretation of the Scriptures, instead of the Hebrew mind, the world was deceived into believing in another Jesus, the image of a Greek god, rather than the historical Jesus, the Son of God. (Rev.12vs9) Jesus was sent by His Father to proclaim or herald the Good News about the coming Kingdom of God to earth and that we were to repent and believe in this message for the Kingdom was at hand or near. (Luke 4v43, Mark 1vs14-15). When we accept this Word, this seed, this message, we conceive and new life, a new birth occurs in us, (born again) and `quickens' us towards immortality in the Age to come. It is in understanding and belief upon the Words that Jesus spoke that gives life, the seed of immortality. (Luke 8vs11-12). And we must also accept that it is His blood that paid the ransom to open the gates of immortality once again as it was in the beginning before the fall of Man. So shall it be in the end, when all the Saints that sleep will be awakened, or resurrected with an immortal glorious body and the creation restored to its glorious state, as it was in the beginning (Philippians3vs20-21) (Acts24vs14-15, & 26vs28-23)

11. Those who embrace this Hope, this Faith that the Twelve Tribes of Israel waited earnestly for day and night, have the Faith of Abraham and all the prophets of God. Those are therefore the seed of Abraham and therefore inheritors of the promises made to Abraham. This is the Promise of a land - grant, not in the sky but right here on earth where the Meek shall inherit the land or earth. It is promised to the Faithful, IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE, NATIONALITY, OR GENDER. These are the Israel of God, the New Israel. To them will be given the disputed land when Messiah returns. Those who have suffered for this faith in Messiah (Christ), in the regeneration, they will be given twelve thrones, Judging (administering) the 12 tribes of Israel. (Luke22v29-30)

12. Until then we believe that Ethiopia is our place of refuge, as Jacob took refuge in the tents of Ham. We accept the legitimate right of all African descendants to Repatriate to the land of our forefathers, Africa. The land given to us by our King in Shashamane should be developed to sustain ourselves during the Great tribulation. This is also part of the Holy Land.

13. We accept that as followers of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie1, (whose pre- coronation name was Ras Tafari) we MUST study and obey His teachings and follow his example and not the traditions, sayings of anyone which are contrary to his words or the Holy Bible. His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1, Himself a follower of Jesus, and holding the title of Defender of the Faith and leader of the most ancient Christian Nation on earth, Ethiopia, has commanded us to: "…arise with the spiritual zeal and earnestness which characterized the Apostles and early Christians and let us lead our brothers and sisters to Our Saviour Jesus, Who only gives life in its fullest sense". If we claim to love Him we should follow His example and Teachings. 

14.We also declare the Prophet Gad as the Rastafarian who pointed us to the Holy Bible, The Historical Jesus, The identity of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Jerusalem, Shashamanne Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Royal Family. Glory be to the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

Reggae from artists who are Iffiliated or member of The Twelve Tribes of Ysrayl (unconfirmed)