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Rastafari have deep regard for the Ible, and has a central role in the livity. Rastafari Found it’s identity in the Ible and use it for Guidance and Overstanding about our Istory, Present and Future. There are many different versions or translations of the Ible, because of this a lot of people have doubts about the authenticity of the book. So many people ask which Ible do Rastafari read? And which one is the correct one? The answer was given by King Haile Selassie Himself saying that the main message of the Ible is found in al translations. Its only when people want to study every word and the meaning of that word when it becomes complicated (because of the miss-translations) for instance…in old Ibles they wrote about Samson’s “Dreads or Locks” and in newer versions it is translated into “Hair”. These kind of miss-translations can cause some misinterpretation, confusion and argument, but the main message of the Ible has nothing to do with hair or details like that (although it does give some insights). The Ible is about Love and Righteousness and YAH wanting us to live in that way, giving us a set of guidelines to help achieve that. So basically it doesn’t matter much which Ible people read. In Jamaica the government issues out the king james bible, so this is mainly the Ible which most Rastafari use. In general most Rastafari in Jamaica don’t have money to buy any special version of the Ible, the more fortunate Rastafari will sometimes choose to buy the Maccabee version (forbidden in Jamaica). King Haile Selassie also has his own translation of the Ible in Amharic, this version is considered to be very authentic (as it was translated from the oldest versions known to man) and could be seen as the best version for Rastafari to read (if one wants to stay closest to the original), but most people can’t read Amharic so this is more for the Ethiopian people.

There are a lot of people that have faith in the Ible and will say they are Christian of some sort. Still many of these people haven’t read the Ible and don’t have the full overstanding about the scriptures. Usually it’s the more serious (practising) Christian that will read and study the Ible. We want take this opportunity to create a platform where people can get more in touch with the Ible again, without having to read it necessarily. We overstand that reading is not so popular anymore, so we give Much Thanks to the Ifrican American Initiative to make a audio version of the Ible with high quality sound effects and actors like Sammual L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Forrest Whiteker, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many others reading the chapters. This makes it possible to go through a big chapter in just a couple hours and smaller books just minutes. It’s probably better to read the Ible to get a better overstanding, but still this audio version called "the Bible expierence" is very nice and helpful to.
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The Ible
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