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Last Update 15/06/2016


Bobo Shanti is a spiritual Rastafari movement founded in 1958 in Spanish Town Jamaica, by King or Prince Edward Emmanuel Charles Edward the 7th , who was also known as the Lord's Servant or Melchizedec. He was the first Rastafari "leader" to hold an all island Rasta Convention/ Groundation in Kingston, Jamaica in March 1958. His camp was dejected from many locations throughout Kingston until they finally settled the Bobo Camp at Zion Hill "the City on a Hill" in Bull Bay.

The word Bobo Shanti is derived from Bobo, which stands for Black and Ashanti, which is a African tribe from Kumasi, Ghana. It is believed that most of the slaves brought to Jamaica were from the Ashanti tribe and are the ancestors of many Jamaicans.

Bobo Shanti are known as the Priestical House of Rastafari, also called EABIC (Ethiopian Africa Black International Congress/ Church of Salvation), We live separate from society, and function similarly to the Accompong Maroons, even though it is not official, like an independent nation within Jamaica with InI own constitution. We do not accept the values and lifestyle of the general Jamaican society. InI lifestyle closely emulates those of the Old Testament Jewish Mosaic Law, which includes the observation of the Sabbath from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday (or 6 PM), No work is allowed during the Sabbath and the consumption of salt and oil is avoided, we wear the robe and turban, and observe the ten commandments.
Women in the church wear clothes down to their ankles and cover their heads. Bobo Shanti women also keep a 21-day "purification principle' related to their menstrual cycle. This limits the number of days woman can interact with men and are allowed to enter the tabernacle and participate in ceremonies.

The Bobo Shanti camps usually do not have electricity, or televisions or radios. We read psalms and chant routinely in the morning, mid-morning to noon and evening. We deal with Niyahbinghi music, the Niyahbinghi drums are the natural heartbeat; anything else does not represent Bobo Shanti.

The Bobo Shanti are self-sufficient, we make and sell straw hats and brooms to support the community and grow InI own fruits, vegetables and herbs. The members of this order do not smoke Herb in public as it is only reserved for worship among members.

International Freedom, Redemption, Repatriation, and establishing a Free Black Africa are part of the Bobo Shanti mission.

Because King Emmanuel I 7 was highly regarded as The Black Christ-in-flesh, the Royal Saints whom followed him on his sojourn identified each of their respective environments as previously recorded in the Bible. For instance, Ackee Walk was supposed to be Nazareth, where Yahshua came from, Harris Street was Galilee, where Yahshua went after leaving his native home, Eighth Street, Capernaum and Ninth Street, Bethlehem, for it was there that Yahshua, Queen Rachel's son, was born. The settlement in Bull Bay is named Mount Temon, where YAH originated, per Genesis passage.

Hon. Prince Emmanuel shows the pattern to hold in our comings and goings... and indicates the rems in scripture and chanting Nyahbinghi... these things can help clear your mind, so that the I may start to conversate with the I in the I.
Prince Emmanuel insists that the heights will come from within, and you will feel the ancientcy in your consciousness as you trod deeper into Bobo Shanti. Emmanuel aims that InI tune into the one-iniversal-truth-vibration.
Emmanuel is seen as the wind, Marcus the rain, His Majesty the Sun shine and Empress Menen is the Earth.

The organization has expanded over the years and now has branches in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Trinidad. The Trinidad branch is in Wharf Trace, St Joseph.
The new Bobo Shanti order leader is Trevor Stewart.

Reggae artists who are ifiliated with the Bobo Shanti Mansion:

The Abyssinians, Anthony B, Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji, Fantan Mojah, Jah Mason, Junior Kelly, Lutan Fyah, Ras Shiloh, Pressure, Junior Reid, Turbulence, Jah Defender, Teflon, Blessed Barak, Cali P, Prophet Benjamin, Prophecy Izis, Ras Chanayah.


When Yahshua transfigured there were two other figures on the mountain with him that appeared (Moses and Elijah), in this way Haile Selassie I transfigured with Marcus Mosiah Garvey as Elijah and King Emmanuel as father Moses. But as the Father and Son are one, just as Yahshua, Moses and Elijah formed that trinity on the mountain, we the house of the Bobo Shanti see these three man as three different man in flesh but in one entity and spirit, as spirit has no boundaries.
Now Christ means anointed person or Messiah in Hebrew, we say Ha Masheak meaning Messiah or Mashiah.
Moses is also seen as the Black Christ because he was the anointed Messiah of his time to redeem the house of Ysrayl. There are several titles for King Emmanuel as in terms of the Messiah and the God Head, we call him king Jacob, Abraham, Father Moses, Yesus The Black Christ, Haile Selassie I In his Priestly Character, Melchizedec Etc.
We know many will contest these reasonings and concepts but this is how we see the Almighty YAH. In three persons Marcus Garvey being father, King Emmanuel our son, and Haile Selassie I Our Holy One.
For without the Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey, we get no vision, without Priest Emmanuel no ceremonial order for the sanctification of the Soul, and without the King H.I.M Haile Selassie I no Nation. Emperor Haile Selassie I in the spirit is the One in Three and Three in One. When we look for this trinity in the flesh today we could not go further than Marcus Garvey, Prince Emmanuel, and Haile Selassie I.
With the spirit all is possible, but in real mathematical terms three can't go into one but one can go into three, so one spirit for the Bobo Shanti in three persons are John the Prophet Marcus Garvey, Yesus The Black Christ King Emmanuel, King David The Almighty Emperor Haile Selassie I.


For Bobo Shanti King Emmanuel is Yesus the son of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the man who they not necessarily crucified with nails to a cross, but a crucifixion by bad words and slander like what we see them do to King Emmanuel even from the other Rastafari Mansions. Bobo Shanti are witness as made to prove that King is Emmanuel is the Black Christ that rose in Jamaica in the 20th century.
When others look at King Emmanuel's works they are often quick to judge the statement “I Am The Black Christ In Flesh” and argue that only Haile Selassie I Is Yesus The Black Christ. No Rastafari will crucify Haile Selassie I with bad words for being seen as YAH, but we see other Rastafari and comb hair fight King Emmanuel, the son of Haile Selassie who you see as YAH, the son of YAH the Christ.
You become the Black Christ when you acknowledge the god you see in the Emperor in yourself, he gives you life so he is in you, he is not just a figure to be glorified by photos and portraits he is some one that enters you and makes the world glorify you, such is the principle with the house of Bobo Shanti giving reverence onto King Emmanuel.

Here and now we have the Rt. Hon. Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards the 7th the High Priest, the Mighty I AM the IAM, First begotten son of the Most High God YAH RASTAFARI, fighting against the scribes and the pharisees defying Pharaoah and his hosts.
Our Father King Selassie I, did send forth a Son in the Earth to bear the cross, to hear the tribulation because the King even sits in Glory. Just as Moses led Ysrayl across the waters and through the wildernis. The same works this Man Yesus Christ of Nazareth is here to perform. To lead the Black House of Ysrayl. Moses performed Godly works so I and I could not see Him Less than YAH Himself, because these are works unto YAH..
If a man performs the works that is of YAH, then he is one with the Father, God and Man. Just as Yesus Christ is one with the Father (The Father and the Son is one), two different physicals manifesting the same Power.
Prophesy shows us that no one goeth unto the Father but by the Son. So that is why we have to see the Hon. Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards the Black Christ in Flesh in His Fullness. He is the same Christ form that time till this time. The Son that went to prepare a place for InI.
Marcus Garvey, the late Jamaican political activist, advocated the formation of an African homeland for Black Americans. The Black Nationalist leader later founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and his thinking has influenced the growth of the Bobo Shanti order.The Bobo Shanti are bent on fulfilling Garvey's vision, the core of the vision is repatriation to the homeland Mama Africa.
"Reparation would suffice after repatriation," Those are the words of our Honourable High Priest Emmanuel.
King Emmanuel once told his followers that reparation should be channelled through the Ethiopian Bank since the head office of the Organization of African Union (OAU) is in Ethiopia.


Another difference between the Bobo Shanti and other Rastafari mansions is that we fly the red, gold and green flag with the red on top. Others are flying theirs "upside down." like the Ethiopian flag which has green on top.
This is because we are more connected with country Ghana, as this is where we were taken from during the slave trade. Ghana’s flag has the colors Red, Gold and Green with a five pointed star in the middle.


The members of the Bobo Shanti "house" are sometimes called Bobo Dreads. Members of this order dress very differently from all the other orders. We wear long robes in bright colors usually red gold green or purple. We also have very tightly wrapped turbans. This is inspired by biblical descriptions of how the ancient Ysraylite priests dressed.


Bobo Shanti can be easily identified by priestly cultural African/ Rastafarian turbans. These turbans or crowns, are a form of ancientcy representing the royalty of I and I Rastafari people from ancient times until this time.
it is desirable to use 100% organic cotton for the turban, or linen... it depends what natural fiber the I can get your hands on. But essentially, the central importance of the turban is the intention and the priestical principle of wrapping up. The art behind the wrapping is in the meditation, and your intention shows itself in the setting.

A brethrens height under the turban is something that only a Boboshanti priest can reason with the I about, which is why it is best to have a Bobo priest or prophet around the I to school the I on the necessary kingciples. This is the blessing and through the one-ness they will show how to wrap and how to meds your wrapping. This is for those that are yet to trod to the Hill for the ifficial blessing and ordination. So, even when the I may get a chance to have Emmanuel ambassadors bless the I, you may consider that as "provisional" until receiving crowning on Zion Hill. No doubt, a trip to Zion Hill is a must to gain direction for the East.

If the I is secluded and remote from this opportunity, then the I can meditate the intention towards Bobo Shanti, you don't need to go to Bobo Hill before you wear the turban. Wearing the turban is something someone does for the I Self, and for the I function and purpose. So, you don't need permission. Obviously like any journey of discovery, going to Zion Hill for the particular purpose of learning from the incients on the Hill and innecting with Emmanuel Gates, will give you so much more knowledge about the Iself, about the trod and about the world. So, Bobo blessings find multiplication and increase when you get to trod earth on Zion Hill.
There are prophets who wore the turban before they were crowned on Zion Hill, but they will tell u that they have not been crowned by a prophet or priest. When we do this, the I would have to be around a prophet or priest for 3 months. This includes duties, as rising in the morning for psalm reading and roll call. The I would have to read 7 psalms with addition to 9, 35 and 68 which is read every day on the hill. 6 am Bobo time psalm reading, 12 noon 7 psalms and 6 pm.


The rites of Boboshanti are beautifully and mystically closely related to ancient practices of Ashante people of Ghana, West Africa. When studied in comparison, we find that these people have a number of principles in order as the Edenic Hebrews, however these Ashante are not officially seen as Hebrews it is likely that they are a remnant from the ancient Hebrews. YAH said he would scatter and wipe out any knowledge of the Ysraylite nation (except the Root/Throne of David) read 1 Kings 9:1-6, so it is only natural and biblical fulfillment that there is not an intact Hebrew Ysraylite nation (fully conscious of their heritage) in that area or anywhere else (except Ethiopia). We know, and it is a natural consequence of probability through circumstances that exiled Hebrews reached the African west coast and other parts of Africa after the Exodus of 70ad and certainly had an influence on the people living there, as we can see today in the customs of the Ashanti/Akan, Igbo, Lemba and others. There are many Hebrew descendants among the African people, there was big mix up between Hebrews and other African tribes during the exodus, The Hebrew bloodline did survive but the culture/heritage and knowledge of, has been watered down through time.
Hebrew Ysraylites were Black African people (in the Afro-Asiatic human family). They were one African culture next to others. But through persecution and slavery became one with the whole African continent, and even Europe as these African/Hebrews were taken to Europe and started to spread the Hebrew bloodline there.

The significance of this, is the acknowledgement that a majority of what we see in modern "religions" today as being the practice of the devout, i.e. modes of gaining closeness to YAH through righteousness, are the cultural practices of ancient African Hebrews.

Bobo Shanti encourage Africans to remember and embrace the ancient African self, within whom already exists a perfect heartical connection with creation. It is the purpose of the Bobo Shanti trod in this time to uncover and recharge it, and then manifest that original spiritual African strength. Becaus it is InI that are the first spiritual theocracy... and if InI awake... InI will come again. Selah.


Bobo Shanti are faithfull Sabbath Keepers, as was ordained by the Hon. King Emannuel I.
The Sabbath is a pillar of the Bobo Shanti Livety, within it we find Salvation and Sanctification. It is a remembrance and fulfillment of InI ancient heritage that was said to return after being lost with the return of the most High YAH Rastafari.
The Importance of the Sabbath is mentioned in the Bible time and time again. So it is only natural that there is a group within Rastafari to fulfill this Rootical principle.

Sabbath Starts at Friday 6 pm, all work and chores must be done before this time. Food has been made ready, ones are bathed and dressed in white.
The Service begins with the chanting of 7 Psalms and Nyahbinghi drumming, more Psalms are cited at 12 pm and 6 am then again t 6 pm.
There is no smoking from Friday 10 pm till 6 pm Saturday. Bobo Shanti also hold a fast during this time.


The Bobo Shanti stand for Black supremacy and that there should be repatriation of all black people to Africa. In addition the Bobo Shanti order also say that black people should be reimbursed monetarily for slavery.
No one who Overstands the truth of Black Supremacy will or can ever speak against it. We stand for Black Supremacy as it is the most natural order of things. First of all people who have a problem with the term Black Supremacy may not be fully aware of the truthful realisation of Black Supremacy. For these people, to give them the chance to step one foot closer instead of running away because they think this is just like a white supremacy kind of things, we can say that Black Supremacy is Roots Supremacy, because Black is First, Black is Roots. Black supremacy is not racist and should not be lumped with white supremacy groups like the Ku Klux Klan.
"White supremacy holds that anything that is not white you downpress or get rid of it and that whites are above all other races. But Black supremacy stands for equality and justice for one and all.
"In white supremacy you have no place for brown, black or yellow. Black supremacy comes with Equality and Justice, Truth and Right, and Love and Life.

Only through Black Supremacy will this world come to harmony in R' of Salvation. Only if people really realize the foundation of creation is ONE BLACK NATION they will start to treat all people of all colors as their brothers and sisters.

We now know of the oldest Civilization that not in the Nile Valley but in the Awash Valley, North East Ithiopia. As we know, Civilization flew down (or from the ancient KMT perception: up) the River Nile.
Before white people even evolved to having structured societies, Black people used to be governing this world. History and prophecy will record this."
So it is a call for reinstatement of how things were before the great white supremacy takeover.


Blessed Love My Lord And Empress, Prince And Princess,

Principles to be read each morning to the congregation. Roll call song must be sung every morning. Selah Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari.

Each individual must answer to his or her name to fulfill loyalty to the morning service of the Lord. Any individual absent from roll call three days straight, the international guard with all permission has the right to remove turban and give three months suspension.

Brethren and empress must give words of prayer before going out and coming in the foundation; also for visitors even to say Bless the Lord.

White robe and turban is to be worn on Mondays and Wednesdays fasting services through the principles of Yesus Christ from Creation; Yah Ras Tafari.

All Brethren and Empress to attend fasting house and wash foot tradition as a principle and commandment of Yesus our Saviour; Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari; our God and King with us in flesh, aman; Melchisedec the King of Salem; without father and mother; our Father : Most High Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari.

Note: no one goes out or comes in while reverence is going on in the congregation. All souls must stand at reverence; Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari.

Perfect behavior: no erring, no tale bearing, upright words one to another. There must be no lying, no picking and stealing, no slandering. Reasoning on the ten commandments;
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari.

I the Honourable King Emmanuel Charles Edwards speak unto all the children of Ysrayl.


All Prophets, Priests and Apostles who live on the foundation also for all Brethren coming to the congress to abide until the time of redemption are to seek first the kingdom of YAH, salvation, and all things shall be added.

All are required to move within full strength and unity of love of salvation, to strengthen the congress within upright words and works of salvation, one hand helps the other strength to strength.

All reasoning must be upon Yesus the black Christ of salvation. Any individual coming to the congress hearing any reasoning away from salvation must speak who and where such reasoning is coming from. Anyone found reasoning upon any loose argument not dealing with salvation will be asked to leave the foundation. Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart be acceptable in the sight of the most high YAH, the rock of our salvation,
Holy Emmanuel I, Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari.

Note : all smoking ceases from 10 p.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday ending of the Sabbath closing hymn.

Note also that all Brethren must stay away from Empress gates (house) when red flag is up. All Brethren should remain at a safe distance from Sisters fence when they are flying a red flag. Do not touch the ministering Empress stay away from her little ones who is ministering with her to keep free from pollution. The Empress and her children should be quiet and humble during such time.
Pollution is a serious affair

No cooking at Brethren gates, all cooking take place at the universal kitchen. Sisters with little ones on the foundation have a freedom to prepare something for their little ones at their gates. Brethren would not cook at sisters gates (place of abode) the reason why the Sisters are free to cook is that the universal kitchen does not come up in time to fulfill the needs of the little ones on the hill


I, the most rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards say, Sisters must help us the Brethren, strength to strength.

Every Empress should live within the true divinity and humbleness of Queen Omega. An Empress voice should not be loud and vulgar but should be soft and humble to reflect the true spirit of a virtuous woman and the integrity of a Goddess of the Earth. A true Goddess should see it free to strengthen the god in flesh. Therefore every empress should see it free to help the Brethren within washing, cleaning and sewing. Brethren through the love of their Mother Sister and Dawta should strengthen an Empress freely should free up the gates and allow the Sistren to move through freely. Neither Brethren nor Sistren must be seen at each others gates (house) after 6 p.m.

Every Empress who has a Kingman should show him about the Empress principles concerning the 21 days journey. The Kingman after that, could not say that he did not know about them. These principles should be a spiritual guidance for all Empress on such 21 days journey and for those who they come amongst when they are free. All Empress should be properly dressed inside and outside their gates. I and I as gods and goddess should live within unity and love of salvation and help each other spiritually and temporally. Any Empress who has a house should be willing to take in another Empress in their gates who are in need. Two or three Empress can live together if the need arise.

An empress who has little ones is to culture them to be humble and quiet, also to have manners and respect to the priest, bigger prophets and empress at all times. The children should be taught to know their place from early childhood to respect and obey YAH in flesh and know that man is god and god is man in flesh.

If an Empress is ministering unfree and has her children with her, she should teach them how to behave during such time, knowing that they should not touch anyone or go any place where free ones gather.

A youthman should not be living with his mother when she is on her journey, unless he is sent there because of bad behavior. The right place for a young man to be is amongst man, for that is what he is growing up to be.

All these things should be rectified within the empress league to bring back everyone to a natural family within salvation.


It is the desire of our father to see the children upon this hill living together within love and unity. Therefore, all caretakers should teach their children to Love the rest of the children and not to live brutally amongst themselves. Prince should be taught that they should not ill-treat or rough up the little Goddess and that they should deal with each other uprightly. Only words and ways of salvation.


I, the most rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards call upon all children of the black house of Ysrayl to enter into my service and share in the glory that shall never vanish away. The black Christ salvation is free without money, without price. Therefore, seeing we are in a college, we should help ourselves one another spiritually and temporally, to provide for our natural domestic needs until the time of our fundamental freedom, redemption, and international repatriation to our Heavenly Home, Black Ethiopia – Africa, the land where all Gods and Goddesses Love to be.

Every morning there should be volunteers to get water, stick and wood to fulfill our domestic affairs. Every morning all are to strengthen the universal kitchen with water and wood. Also all can find something to do on the international Broomfield such as scrape a stick, tear straw, fold or nail a broom. All are required to do so to up-lift our international black supremacy poor peoples government kingdom spiritually and temporally.


It is right for everyone to sacrifice themselves spiritually and wholeheartedly to salvation, to make ourselves stronger in salvation for the Upliftment of life. “to my view”, saith The Most High, “the ones whose heart desire is to go on such spiritual journey but finds out that he or she cannot carry it through to the end, he or she should come to the god of love to have a freedom in themselves to take a helper and both of them would become one flesh”. In choosing a helper, the God and Goddess must first come to the Father to have it right. No side movements must take place. Anyone found doing so will go through the side gate and leave the hill.

Remember romans chapter 7 and 8. It tells of the corruption that comes when you leave after the flesh. Sons and daughters give me thine heart and I will give thee my father’s Everliving Kingdom.

Together we walk, together we talk, together we wash one another’s feet. Some people say we have no need, but we are doing the lord’s command; laws and commandments from our father the Black Heavenly King, the Black Moses, the mighty god of the Ysraylite :
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Yah Ras Tafari.

I and I are children of the god of love and we should show such Love amongst ourselves. Peace and Love Ras Tafari brings the whole of the Love.
Yahovia YAH Ras Tafari.

Let us all live together in One Heart of Love through the divine salvation of our father,
Our Most High God and King : Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari.

Reggae from artists who are member of or affilliated with the Bobo Shanti order (unconfirmed)