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Most High Blessings,

Here we will give a better overstanding about this mighty and wonderful plant that has been criminalized so much over the past 90 years.
Before this time, Herb (what it is) or Ganjah (what it is called) was free to smoke or eat, presidents and members of the royal families were openly smoking Herb and now suddenly we can go to jail for smoking it. 
Marijuana exists so long and has been used by so many cultures for medicinal, practical and spiritual reasons, that it gives insight into the governments that control the system and how off balance they are. They legalize cigarettes and alcohol which has proven to kill more people then anything else, and they criminalize Herb that has been here for the benefit of man for so long. This is really hypocritical and should not be followed.
What we want to make clear is that Herb is not bad as some people might think. Because of this criminalization a lot of people associate Herb with something negative and call it a drug.

Herb is a very strong Plant and its power should not be underestimated. So we promote Wise and Conscious usage of Herb to a point where it can uplift and assist us in basic healthcare. There are a lot of Marijuana smokers across the world, everyone in its own way. Some people smoke it simply because it makes them feel good, other people smoke it for medicinal usage. Some people smoke with tobacco others smoke pure Herb. Some smoke it, others drink or eat it. Some use it for spiritual reasons, others for social reasons. Some use it in a healthy responsible way, others misuse and deal with it irresponsible. Just like anything else there is a conscious and unconscious way in dealing with Herb. There is nothing wrong with the plant, we should be grateful that such a plant exists. It just depends on how we use it.
Iveryone needs to be personally responsible when using Herb. The way we react to Herb is different from person to person so individually we can’t say what responsible is. Some people can smoke al day and function perfectly well, while others smoke one spliff and don’t move for a whole day (not to be taken literary). People have to know that if smoking makes them lazy and keeps us from doing the work that needs to be done, then we are not using Herb responsible. If we come late at work because we can’t get up in the morning because of the Herb, this is irresponsible. If people start to get social disorders, this is not good, neither to much memory loss. These are the main negative reactions some people might get from smoking Herb, laziness, difficulty getting up in the morning, memory loss, passive attitude. Other then this Herb doesn’t have much negative effects, and is usually caused by over consumption.

Still although tó much of anything isn’t good for nothing, over consuming Herb is better than over consuming cigarettes or alcohol which have a much larger negative impact then Cannabis does. First of all cigarettes and alcohol are much more addictive then Herb, the main reason people get addicted to Herb is because they mix it with tobacco. But Herb by itself is not nearly as addictive as these two killers. Everybody knows cigarettes kill but still people feel comfortable smoking them.
Over consumption of alcohol makes people react in all kind of strange ways, causing fights, traffic accidents, increasing the chance of adultery, brain and liver damage, alcoholism with all its negative effects. Nothing like this happens when people smoke pure Herb, on the contrary…Herb carries many positive qualities. For one it has a general positive effect on our health. There are many illnesses and symptoms like chronic pain treated with Marijuana and many many people can’t do without. One of the newer findings is that Hash Oil cures or is at least of benefit for a wide range of deceases like cancer, aids, parkinson, ADHD, glaucoma and many other ailments, with many people reporting they have been cured from cancer.  
It has spiritual benefits making a connection with Mother Earth and the Heavenly Father possible. It relaxes the mind, body and soul, probably the main reason why it is so helpful in staying healthy if we consider that stress is one of the main reasons why people get sick.

There is a lot of confusion and misoverstanding about Marijuana so we will make an attempt to make people overstand the qualities and powers of this mightyfull plant given to us by the creator. Herb is for the use of man, and for the Healing of the nations. That’s why’s babylon has been trying so hard to stop us from using it, the progress it can deliver…progress that is much needed in these times (something babylon doesn’t want).

So I&I say…Legalize Marijuana and get educated about its qualities and use it in a responsible way.
On the left we will go in to more detail about this gift from YAH.

YAH bless, One Love, One Heart, One Meditation, One Destiny.  



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