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What is the main purpose of this website?

* We would like to see more overstanding about Rastafari and bring it to a wider audience.
* To create more overall awareness about the world we are living on.
* To bring people from different faiths together in mutual raspect.
* To help people with their or loved ones health problems.
* Transforming this world in a more cleaner, peaceful and enduring one.
* Gathering information about things that might influence our society in the near future, so we can prepare for possible changes.  
* Create a place where people can gather and form a movement to realize these objectives.
* Gathering funds to stimulate other projects then our own.
* More Love.

Is this a Rastafari website?

Although there is a lot of focus and information about Rastafari, this website is not only meant for Rastafari. Our aim is to make a website that is interesting for as many as possible people from all cultures. This means that a lot of different aspects of Life are addressed and people who are not Rastafari can still learn something that might build a Higher consciousness.

Do Rastafari believe Haile Selassie is YAH/god?

Some of I&I do and some don’t, there is room for both opinions within Rastafari. The Main reason why Rastafari believe Haile Selassie is YAH, is because of the widely adopted thought that Yahshua/Jesus is YAH. Selassie I being the return of Christ for many Rastafari, is therefore also seen in this way.  

Why so much focus on Ysrayl?

Because one of the best kept secrets in the world, is about the true descendants of Ysrayl. A lot of effort has been put into hiding these facts, this means we have to put a lot of effort into braking down these illusions.
The Bible was written By and For Ysraylites so we think it is logical to show who they are in these times.

Are Rastafari Chistians?

Yes we are in the sense that if a Christian is someone who has faith in the Christ, Yahshua. We differ from other Christian faiths, in the sense that we don’t believe in the white image of jesus. jesus is a made up name (derived from the greek god zeus) and given a white image to identify with. The Name jesus doesn’t have any true historical (Biblical) value and has been used to prevent people from knowing the truth about the African connection with the Bible. Yahshua was the original name of Christ and he was a dark skinned man with Locks, that is the Christ we believe in. So sometimes you might hear a Rastafari say that they bun jesus, but that doesn’t we don’t believe in the Christ and what is written about H.I.M.   We even consider our self to be the Root of Christianity being descendants of the Hebrew Yisraelites.

What does I&I mean?

I&I means We, you, me, us, him, her, or One… I&I stresses the connection we all have with each other including YAH

Is this a anti Semitic website?

Some people automatically call something anti Semitic if it is something that is critical about Jews or Judaism. But we ensure we have no bad intentions towards Israel, Jews or Judaism, although we are somewhat critical and defend our own philosophy and rights. This should be tolerated as we share the same culture, so anyone calling us anti Semetic for teaching about our own culture is…Anti Shemetic themselves.

There is a lot of focus on Africa and African people here…Is this a website mainly for black people?

This is true, but should that be a problem for anyone who is not black? African Culture and People have been down trodden for thousands of years, so this website aims to restore some of this Great heritage, therefore more attention is given to African Culture. There is great promise hidden in the reestablishment of African culture and awareness so it is only logical that this is our primary target group and therefore make a website that satisfies our interest the most.
Besides that (as we do know people are attracted to their own race) there is also enough information that might satisfy the interest of people from other cultures.

What does Zion mean?

Zion has different meanings, but the main attribute of Zion is that is a place of peace, a paradise that can be found and seen in different ways. There is the Biblical Zion, Heavenly Zion, African/Ethiopian Zion and Mental Zion. The differences are explained more in this link about Zion. http://www.tozion.org/Rastafari%20Zion.html

Can we still make a change in the world?

Naturally we can…on what scale is the only question. If you become a better person by the knowledge you receive and share this with others this will chance the world on a small scale (making it a better place). If enough people get touched by this knowledge we still have the opportunity to create a better world as a whole. The balance of good and bad just needs to be shifted to the good side (this can be done with numbers).

How can this website make a change in our lives?

Gaining more awareness (knowledge, wisdom, overstanding) is one of the fist prerogatives to make a change in your life. This one of the websites main objectives.   

For who is this website?

For anyone who would like to gain more Knowledge, Wisdom and Overstanding.
For anyone who would like to help this world with its inhabitants to a Higher peaceful/loving state of being.
For anyone that would like to learn more about alternative health care.
For anyone that wants to listen to good Positive Music.

Is this website finished?

No not yet, there is still a lot of work to do. Although there is enough information for ones to see, we suspect that the I-site is only functioning at 7 % or so (17-2-2017). The Rastafari section is worked out the most but and good enough for te average person to gain some knowledge. But our aim is to increase the quality of the information as time goes by and we meet people that can give deeper insight about the various subjects. Not only about Rastafari, but all the subjects. What we have done in the Rastafari section, is what we also want to do for anything else we address. At the moment we only have a selection of YouTube videos for the other subjects, which is also useful and a good starting point to do further research for one self. But eventually we want to have everything worked out like the Rastafari section, so please have some patients and see how this I-site will grow over time.

How long before finished?

This depends on the assistance we will get, because every subject needs to be worked out and given the right attention to give it the quality it needs to have the greatest Impact. If there is a helpful soul out there that knows what this initiative is worth and has the financial (or other) means to assist us, then we can speed up the process. If I&I have to continue on my own it will probably take some more years. Circumstances have caused some delay in progression over the past four years. 2016 was a sabbatical year, but well rested now in 2017 the development should be speeding up.  
Besides that this I-site is always upgrading as I&I personally grow and become more aware of Life, and change the way I express Iself about a certain subject. That is why we put the date at the end, so people know that it should be improved from the last time. Because sometimes we read things we wrote a while back, and see mistakes or ways to express something in a better way. So forgive I for the Imperfection, but still perfection that is what we are striving for so in due time with the grace of YAH this will develop into some beautiful.

Do we need financial support?

Yes…every body has a different role to play in Life. Our part is being creative and having the ideas, but we lack financial resources. Someone needs to step up and take on that responsibility.  

What can I do to help?

Send Money, or if you don’t have any,  try to encourage/motivate people you know that do have it.
There is also enough physical work that can be done to help us forward, in the sense of promoting the website (sharing links of facebook and twitter or whatever). Searching for information, sharing links, anyone that has an idea that might assist in the progress can make it known.

Are we currently involved in any projects?

No not yet, we are in the early stages of the initiative. Once we have the financial resources we will begin setting up projects and support existing ones. Projects we will be interested in are…making documentaries, organizing seminars and gatherings, researching the different health care options we support, building health care clinics, building up Africa…to name a view.

Last update 10/3/2017
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