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Greetings beloved,  

For this website and future foundation to grow to its full potential and in the right time frame, we need help from others. I alone can’t do this, we need Issistance from the next I to achieve what needs to be done. We have limited financial resources, which is the main thing needed for this initiative to grow. There are more then enough people that have the resources we lack, so it’s just a case of working together to create a more loving and conscious society.

Besides financial help, we need manpower to building this website to higher heights. The work that still needs to be done is so extensive that it would help greatly if someone would take over some tasks.


* Music Engineer: To find as much lyrics as possible in the music section and to check the music area for deleted video’s and search for them on youtube. Being responsible for playlists…

* Translator: We need help in translating to French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Indian, African well any language translators.

* Technical Adviser: We could use some technical help with the website, because I&I am not a professional website builder, sometimes progress stagnates because of I&I limited knowledge. So anyone with knowledge of website building preferably with dreamweaver feel free to contact us.

* Information Host: If there is any information you know about, any videos or websites that would benefit this I-site, please feel free to let us know so it might be included.

* Promotion Team: People who would like to promote this website on other community sites, blogs and such.


What we have in mind will cost Millions of dollars and if things go well even Billions (but at the moment a couple of thousand is what we need to make the first steps). So any helpful soul out there, feel free to make a donation and contact us for more details. We have plans that can benefit millions of people and we know that once people start to have faith in this, it can become a reality.
We would like to give the opportunity for anyone who donates something to get something back in a way of publicity or a name mentioned in a list of people who made a donation (unless someone chooses to be anonymous) something like that.
Also companies can contact us for sponsorship.

Another thing we aim to do is devise a structure where people can follow the route of their donation so people can choose and see for what it is being used for.
We will also accept a commitment of payment where people who make that commitment can wait with transferring the money until the bill needs to get paid. We can send the invoice or information as proof if needed.


Although we prefer donations that we can use for anything we feel is most Important we would like to give some control over this to the donator. So people can choose for an Overall donation, or a Specific cause mentioned here…

* Website: For overall improvement of the website, costs include hardware, technical support and advertising.

* Foundation: The Foundation is not official yet, but when this is realized, people can choose to donate to specific projects that the foundation will be involved with.
For the moment we operate through the ToZion collective in generating funds for causes we are interested in. This is because we still need some money to live from and with a foundation you can't use the funds for personal use, so we decided to start a company instead to generate funds, share 70% of the profits and use 30% for living expenses. Our intention is to share 100% of the profits we make through the ToZion collective, or as much as possible, we just need to be able to pay bills and buy food. But when we reach that level it would be better to do things through a foundation as we wouldn't have to pay taxes. For the moment we have a clothing label to generate funds called yahvida and we will be selling products from Ethiopia and Jamaica in our I-shop. People can still make donations, but we might have to pay some taxes over that. If you don't mind that feel free to donate...

* Healthcare: In the healthcare section there are some very interesting remedies and cures for many different illnesses, we need support to do further research on these subjects. We would like to go to places where these cures originate from to get first hand information and experience and maybe some testimonials of people being cured. 

* Documentaries: We want to make several low budget documentaries on some of the subjects being discussed here on this website. To realize this we need support for traveling expenses, hotel bills and some spending money. Also some technical equipment will be needed in the beginning. People that have a particular interest in any subject can contact us and then we can see what possibilities there are for making an interesting and beneficial documentary. 

* Translation: To have this website be known on a wider level we are going to translate it into about 14 different languages, so we need to pay translators or find volunteers for doing that.

That’s it for now, please donate and give thanks to most high YAH Rastafari, King Haile Selassie I.

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Last Update 19/2/2017
or send Email to Yahloyalty@yahoo.com for a commitment of payment.
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