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There is something interesting going on with the sun these day’s. What the exact meanings of these things are and what implications they will have is not really known, but it’s good to keep an eye on these phenomena.
There are 2 main issues with the sun right now.

1. Increased Solar flares.
The sun is going through a period of heightened activity, it has been reasonably quiet for a long period of time but is now shooting big fire/electron/photon balls our way.
Most of us have heard about these things in the news whenever a big one accurse. They warn us that there is a probability satellites might get damaged or electricity might fall out in some places and that we can see more of the aurora lights at the north pool.
Although there have been some reports of electrical failure in some counties, the effects of these solar flares haven’t been something to worry about yet.
According to the scientist who look at the cycles of the sun (that show patterns), they predict there might be a peek in activity at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013.
There have been a couple big explosions on the Sun that had some scientists worried, but hardly had any effects here on earth (on the physical side of things). So we wonder how big these things have to get before they produce anything that could affect our life as we know it in a big way. Maybe the flare of one of these explosions has to be Real big ánd aimed directly at earth before it can do some real damage.
There are some good studies that have been done on the effects of heightened solar activity here on Earth that seem to indicate that the Sun did have influence on our life’s in the past. So this will probably happen again, the only question is if it will happen during this cycle of heightened intensity.

2. UFO’s flying into and around the Sun.
This is something we can’t say to much about, but is still something interesting to know about.
Images have been made by official Nasa telescopes that show extremely big objects that seem to fly in to the Sun and then come out again, or other smaller objects that fly around the sun moving in a way that we can see it’s not a star or comet just passing through. 
First of all its not difficult (for someone who knows a bit about visual manipulation) to make these video’s with a video editing program, and it might be a hoax.
Second, they seem to be authentic as the images are taken from Nasa’s own website, so either Nasa is creating the hoax by putting these images on there selves. Or the images are authentic and real and we can only guess about what these objects are. They look like spacecrafts or at least something that is steered by some form of intelligence. But we find out one day…

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