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We have an urgent message concerning the nuclear threat that we as a human race and planet are confronted with.

We say it is imminent (imminent meaning something that is sure to happen), because
even though the japanese situation is reasonably under control, there is something that people need to be aware of.
Besides the current threat in Japan (wich is not imminent), future disasters Will imminently cause problems that are uncontrollable wich will End our society, kill most of all Life and unless we find a sollution fast will make Mother Earth unsuitible for most Life in the near future.

Most people overstand the dangers of nuclear energy, whether it be because of the threat of a nuclear war followed by a nuclear holocaust, or the threat from malfunctioning nuclear power plants that might cause a meltdown. We have had 3 major nuclear disasters, the first was in Russia chernobiel, then we had one in the USA and the last one in Japan. The last two in usa and japan there wasn’t a total melt down so the damage could have been a lot worse. Japan is still struggeling to get the problem under controle and up till today there is still a lot of radio active material leaking into the atmosphere and in the ocean (although it could be a lot worse). We don’t really get a lot of clear information about the situation there as the Japanese are quite secretive about the matter. There are some disturbing reports about reactor 5 that has a huge storage of old nuclear material that (if there is a meltdown there) could cause a lot of probles on a global scale infecting the whole atmosphere. These reports are quite old so maybe they have gotten it under control by now. But the reality of the situation is that these nuclear plants are a no go area for people, the radiation is so high that humans cant just walk in with some tools and fix the problem. Robots are the only ones going into that area, but these have limited capabilities to really fix the problem. Now we don’t really know what the consequences might be from the radiation that has already seeped in to our environment or the consequences if reactor 5 does get out of hand and reaches a meltdown point. The thing about radiation is that it doesn’t make us sick immediately if we get exposed to it in reasonably small doses, it is more a long term (silent) killer increasing the chance of getting cancer or maybe some other illness. Its only when we get in to contact with large amounts of radiation that we might die from it in a short period of time. The warnings people are giving about reactor 5 due to its large storage of nuclear waste is that this can have an impact on all living things on a world wide scale. We don’t know the full reality of these warnings (what the effects might be if there is a meltdown), but that it is not a healthy situation is not so hard to imagine. Still there hasn’t been a meltdown and we are not in a situation that we have to fear an allout nuclear war, with Russia, china and the USA sending of their bombs to eachother that will cause a nuclear holocaust. The political situation is reasonably stable and the counties don’t seem to eager about using bombs in a possible state of war.

So what is the imminent threat we are taking about?
The imminence lies in the future…we have been lucky that the Japanese situation didn’t get so out of hand that they couldt control it in the way they did now. It could have been worse if there would have been 5 nuclear meltdowns going of at the same time. We wonder what the effects of something like that could be, but that it would have been a world wide disaster is something we can be sure of.
So what happened in japan should be a great wake up call for the whole planet, to know how fragile those nuclear plants are when they are in the path of some kind of natural disaster.
Now what we want to make clear to people is that the Japanese tsunami is not an uncommon event when we look at the earths history. There have been much greater catastrophies that if they were to happen now (and some nuclear plants are in the way) it would be impossible for humans to keep these nuclear plants under control. For instance what will happen when a bigger or even a mega tsunami will hit an area with nuclear plants? Who will be able to do anything in a situation like that? The answer is nobody… what can anybody do if a big comet or meteorite strikes the earth (something that is imminent) and some nuclear plants would be in the strike zone. Again the answer is nobody…so besides the catastrophe that these event will produce (which are overcome able) we would also have to cope with a worldwide nuclear fallout (which is probably Not overcome able, depending on how many plants get destroyed).
We can be 100% sure that these things Will happen at some point in our near or far future, just like super volcano’s and mega earth quakes. These things are a part of this earth, and if we look at the history to see when these events accured we can see they come in cycles and that we are in the period now that these events might happen, we are overdue when it we look at our past. Still these events are so far apart from eachother that it can still take…maybe hundreds of years? Before we reach that point. But when we do…and we will, maybe a lot sooner then hundreds of years. We have for the first time in the creation of the planet, caused a situation in which life (as we no it) will not be able to survive. Because there will be a couple of hundred nuclear plants melting down at the same time and the radiation from that will make life impossible for the next…1000, 2000 years after that? In the past life was always able to restore itself, now we humans have created a situation in which we have destroyed all hopes for survival of all life. There will probably be Some animal life that can live in a nuclear radiation filled atmosphere, but most of the animals and plants will die. 

So being aware of this should makes us act very quickly into getting rid of alll nuclear power plants immediately (deffinatly not building new ones, like now) and finding a way in which we can store the nuclear waste that we have now in a save (mega disaster proof facility), maybe by storing it on the moon or something. Because if we don’t, we are heading for an imminent nuclear disaster that this world is going to take a long long time to recuperate from in which humans will be long gone. At the moment we have killed the planet…we might not be able to save our selves but we can still save mother earth by cleaning up the mess we created and leaving an opportunity for life to restore itself. 

We the people need to make that choice, because if we leave it to governments then there is little chance of anything being done. They probably now what we are talking about here, and don’t care…we have heard reports that the babylonians are so evil that they would rather destroy the earth then letting go of the power that they have now. So we as a people need to take control of this situation by first of all taking away the power of babylon and then start to think of solutions to the problem they created.

Something that would be a good step forward would be the use of thorium instead of uranium as a fuel source. This is a proven method and could be implemented immediately (al nuclear installations could begin planning and start doing the research to see if its technologically possible to make that switch) If not it would be better to dismantle these facilities. At the moment the main reason we have nuclear power plants is because they (governments, agencies, scientists) are pretending nuclear energy is the best alternative for oil and that we need this because the oil reserves will run out one day.

That brings us to the next thing that needs to change and that is the denial of the existents of free energy technology by governments, scientists, oil companies and whoever else is in denial about this.
The technology to get this is already available, only in a underdeveloped state. But if big companies or government agencies would start doing research about this and try to develop this, it wouldn’t be difficult to create ways in which we can use free energy. We overstand that acknowledgement of this kind of technology would have great consequences for the economy and oil companies might go out of business. But is it really a fact that our economy couldn’t survive without big oil companies? There will be a lot of new opportunities with the implementation of free energy (economic also). And should we be worried about oil and energy companies who put their own profits before the future survival of the planet?

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