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Greeting beloved ones,

We would like to share some thoughts about the year 2012, a year that a lot of people are talking about.. Many people have been waiting for this year, expecting all kinds of things to happen.
There are different points of view as to what will or can happen, but there are many people that expect some kind of event or a change of some sort. The origin of these believes go back thousands of years and have been spoken or written about by many different cultures.

That 2012 is a special year is without a doubt, (on a cosmic level) with a rare planetary alignment on that day. If anything will happen that is going to change our Life in some profound way, is less certain…
At the moment there many people have a “lets just wait and see attitude” people get educated about this subject, think its interesting or not and then don’t really do anything with that information. Life goes on… Most people are living like we will be living like this for years to come and are not worried about anything coming soon.

Now no one knows the exact date when these events might happen. So we will not say that people should be expecting this for the coming year. I&I have been interested in this subject for about 15 years and have seen all kinds of predictions about events on certain times, not come out, but…have also seen events on certain times that did seem to fit the predictions. The Mayan elders themselves (where many of these predictions come from) have given us a time frame of 7 years in which they expect that something Might happen, that is between 2007 and 2015. And móst probably not on that exact date of 21/12/2012  that is circulating, I&I think they even have the exact time, 12 past 12…

Let’s come straight to the point before explaining some things in more detail…

Instead of waiting and seeing what is going to happen in 2012, We can also make the choice to make The Change our self instead of waiting for some external power to do this.
Some people expect Christ to do this like it is written in revelation, Buddhists are awaiting Metreya , there are people waiting for extraterrestrials to come and share their knowledge to save the planet, or that the planet Niburu will come in our orbit and cause cataclysmic events, other people believe in the pole shift theory and 5th dimension theories.
These things can happen, many things are possible…
But this is álso a Chance and maybe a necessity to make a Change in our own lives and by doing that (with a large enough group) making That Change what so many people are expecting or talking about.

We can take responsibility about making this change for ourself, we don’t need to wait for any aliens or an angry mother earth to do this.
Because in any case, whatever happens we most probably need to prepare for sómething, if its now or 10 years from now…

Now what al these warnings and theories Could do for people is motivate us into preparing for a time that is different from present day reality.
It is not hard to see that something Needs to change if we and our children want to survive whatever and whenever is coming our way.

The events mentioned above require a certain level of consciousness to survive or move along with to progress, A One Heart, One Love, One Destiny level of consciousness.
But this seems to be far from most people’s minds and lives dealing with all different kinds of worries and problems or other distractions that this system has to offer us. 

So basically the message is simple… to take in to account the warnings our forefathers gave and to take This year to learn about what kind of world we Really live and to make as much as possible positive changes in our Life, that could eventually make a worldwide change in consciousness, what is needed to create a new society based on Love and Peace.  
Because if we are not going to do it This year, when will we?? what kind of motivation do we need to make a collective change in heart? This is that time…after 2012 (and if nothing has happened) the momentum will be lost, many people will say aaah you see… nothing has changed, why change...?
2012 is a Great opportunity for mankind to make a collective choice to change, and the more people do this enhances the Chance that we can make this Change. It won’t take the whole world thinking one way to make a change, the group just needs to be big enough so they have the power to influence the others, shift the balance…

What can we do to make this Change? The answer has a lot to do with being more aware or conscious about all of Life’s aspects. Somehow our minds have been clouded and we can’t see through the mist so easily, our society (how it’s structured) has a lot to do with that.
So what we can do is look beyond that structure and see what else is out there…Because Life is so amazing and wonderful and beautiful and has so much to offer us, but we wont get the full grasp of it if we continue on the path we are on right now.
There are many things people can do in many different forms, we don’t all have to make the same changes in our lives, everybody is different and has different things to do and to learn. So what needs to be changed is best know by each individual.

Some examples though…

When we look at a change on a personal level, this can be many different things from stopping with smoking, cutting down or stopping with alcohol drinking, quitting drugs, eating more healthy, doing more exercises, reading more, watching less tv, maybe putting in more time of any study or projects we  are involved with, if you are lazy be less lazy (if you think that might be better), if some work needs to be done in the house or anywhere, do the work…Any promises made (to yourself, Others And YAH) keep them…many people will make silent promises to themselves or YAH that nobody knows about, and will say to the self “tomorrow I’m going to do this” “or I will never do this and that again” But those promises are easily broken and we follow in the old routine until we get another lesson in Life wherein we can be reminded again to make That change that is needed and you know is good for you. Everybody has different things to learn and because we all falter in different ways, we each get different lessons in Life that point out these faults. A lot of the time a person will recognize what they are doing wrong in their lives, or know what needs to be done to grow as person, but still wont make the necessary changes…will keep falling back into that old routine where things just never seem to work out. Until… we make that change and start doing what we instinctively know is good, or have found out by trail and error. To make that kind of change people usually need to be motivated enough to actually go ahead with it (in the form of Life lessons). 
2012 prophecies, certain signs, a group initiative, a common goal, a sense of purpose, and strength in numbers, could help motivate people and strengthen the will that has been so weak in many (mainly because there was no sense of urgency).
These are some practical examples…

A change in a more religious way…
If you are a man or woman of faith and believe in the Bible, the Koran or have any other religious believe, and have studied a little bit about this faith, then you know that we are expected to live a certain Life style and that this Life style comes with a certain amount of discipline, something we get from following the principles of the Bible, the Koran and other sacred texts. That can be a good Change, living according to what we believe in. Not just believing…doing. Believing in something just gives us a direction to go and walk that path because we are supposed to know the blessings received from that, as religious people…
Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s or whoever, will have a different faith and different principles but the idea applies to anyone within any faith. Most religions talk about love and peace, doing good and such. But somehow that true essence of religions seem to be lost for many…they Say and believe one thing and Do something else…That’s something we can change personally.

Think about what would happen to our society if a group large enough so the whole would notice it, would start to make al these positive changes in Life… First off all it will be a personal blessing, that’s what happens when one does the right thing.
Second we think this will be highly motivational for the rest of mankind seeing such a large group of people progress in their lives, being living proof that it works. It could make a big change, that’s what we see.

Something else we would like to address is the chance for repatriation, or at least becoming aware of that idea not being so bad, strange or uncomfortable and could cause major changes in worldwide consciousness. This Repatriation is not only for Ifricans, it is for anyone who would like to be in a particular place, instead of where they are now. Many foreigners who live and work in western countries often have a wish to move back to their homeland one day (but usually don’t do this for financial/comfort reasons).
This might be a good period about making that step, or a least think about it.
We have seen how easy air planes can be held on the ground when some volcano ash blows in the atmosphere, this is something that can happen for a longer period of time. There has also been a lot publicity about big solar flares hitting Earth that might brake down satellites and electricity grids. We have had a couple of big flares hit us, without doing much damage…so this might be over exsaturated a bit, still predictions are that the suns activity will reach its peak at the end of 2012 and beginning 2013 (this can also be a method of babylon to keep people in check; by saying that the satellites are busted and therefore we cant fly for a while). Point being that our travelling methods might be limited, maybe only having land and sea transport…so people that would like to be with there loved ones and live in a far away place should take this in to account, one day it might be to late…
The majority of people living in the west are not really busy or interested in repatriation, we are to busy keeping our heads above water inna Babylon system, reaching for any kind of goal the system has imprinted our minds with. That’s what we have gotten used to, and have al kinds of expectations as to what our lives can become over there.
We have our lives, family, friends, work and luxuries in the west so to take that step and move back to a continent that has shown so much instability in the past is not really logical.
There will have to be some reason as to why people would want to leave this so called save environment. 
The 2012 prohecies and other knowledge could give an indication for the reason why this will happen, in 2012 ór later. The Bible clearly states that the place of bondage of the Yisraelites (the west) will be destroyed. 
So we have these prophesies, present day signs and old scriptures that are trying to warn or tell us something, will we react to that? People are predominantly stubborn and under heavy influence of the system, so this state of mind won’t come so easy. Marcus Garvey prophesized that people won’t know themselves until their back is against the wall. This means to realise certain things in the heat of the moment, when it is to late to make the appropriate adjustments or preparations for a situation like that. This might still be overcome able for people living in these regions. But naturally we would be better of being prepared in those circumstances. Especially the elders, the young and the sick, they will have less of a chance to survive then strong healthy adults. Now we al have parents, grandparents and children to look after and therefore have a kind of responsibility to do what is best, not only for our self but also our loved ones.

At the moment we can see the Signs are not extreme enough to make any kind of drastic change in the sense of packing up the bags and leaving to go anywhere.
And so for the meanwhile no repatriation will come in to movement…But what Is Iportant is to be fully conscious about the time we are living in and that we need to watch what’s going on very closely and make the right moves at the right time. Being prepared in the mind for changes that might need relocation or basic survival is already extremely important. It makes it a lot easier to recognize certain signs and react to them. That’s what 2012 can be in assistance of, awareness…of the truth, and that will set I&I…Free

We also call for everyone who wants to join this movement in consciousness, to make at least one Dread. Short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, no matter…just One (at least) as a Sign and seal that you have made, the commitment to become more conscious this year.
You can always take out a dread also, some people might think a dread is permanent but it can be made loose again, for those who are not satisfied after a year of being more conscious and positive…
This could be seen as something like when the cyclist lens Armstrong had a campaign about cancer treatment and sold these yellow arm bracelets that were seen all over the world…
Well a dread is free and also has more meaning to it… Give Thanks Bless.
Now follows some basic information about the different prophesies, philosophies and scriptures that concern 2012 and can be studied about in more detail elsewhere in this site.

The Mayan or Olmec calendar is the main focus at the moment, having a calendar that ends 21/12/2012 coinciding with a unique planetary alignment on that day. That the Olmecs new about this is remarkable, but the calendar doesn’t say What will happen on that day. What it says is that the planet has come at the end of a huge planetary cycle, and that a new one begins. As to what or if anything changes after that is up for speculation.
The Olmecs were not the only ancient civilisation to point out 2012 as year to look out for.
An Early Chinese civilisation that wrote the I-Ching about 475 BC (book of prophesy) also has 2012 as some sort of an end date.
There is an early Egyptian calendar that points out to 2012 warning about a cataclysmic event.
The Sumerian clay tablets (the earliest writings found on earth) indicate that 2012 is the year a planet that passes every 3600 years named Niburu will arrive.
Other then these sources specifically indicating 2012 there are many other people or cultures that have described an end time or time of cataclysmic event in the same period, or paint a picture that indicates to a certain time.

There are many different expectations; some believe the world will come to an end (or at least its society) because some kind of all consuming natural disaster in the form of a pole shift or an other disaster like a very big asteroid hitting earth, or a super volcano erupting …or maybe a global ice age. Those are some of the main things that can disrupt or even wipe out our society.

There are also people that have a less grim idea as to what can happen, but still expect big changes.
There are a lot of people that believe in the Sumerian story that this Niburu planet is going to swing by and we are going to be visited by the inhabitants of that planet, and that they might help us.
There is also a popular point of view that this universe consists out of different dimensions and realities and that this 2012 event is going to catapult us from this dimension to the fourth or fifth dimension in which we will evolve to a higher dimensional being, together with the Earth.

This might also be the event that is found in the various religions of the world.
For Christians this is explained in revelation in the Ible, with a so called judgement day and everlasting peace for those found worthy to enter YAH’s paradise. 
This is basically the same for Muslims but give it a different name and description.
The Buddhists expect a change in this period of time with the return of Metreya (lets say the Christ for Buddhists).
The ancient Native Imerican Indians had visions about a time of cataclysmic events, and although they don’t give a specific date, they describe what Signs to look for.

We can go on and write about everyone that had a vision of some sort about the end time, But our point is made …

Point being that there are some serious Signs and warnings from our past that all indicate that this a time where we can expect some changes happening.
Now maybe this is just a coincidence or some kind of global nightmare that some people had in the past for some reason.
But I&I personally have made the decision to take these warnings in to account and do something with them in the form of this Initiative.
Whatever happens remains to be seen, but this is a great opportunity for us to make a change in our lives and maybe even get the possibility to actually make a change on a global level.

At the moment we can see that a lot of people are interested in this so called event, but are not doing anything or much with this information. I&I can see people doing all kinds of studies on what might happen.
But what we need to do now is except (or not) that we are heading for period that things might change in a big way. And that these changes might require certain preparations, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. At the moment there is a high lets just wait and see mentality…We don’t want to say that this is a bad way of dealing with the situation, but it takes away the Chance for making a Change our selves in this moment.
People need some kind of push or motivation to make changes in their Life, our aim is to motivate people into making this positive change in Life that might be beneficial or even needed, if something Is about to happen.
Maybe all these warnings from our ancestors were meant to motivate us to make a personal Change at the right time, in which we as a people can make that Change or better yet are that Change. By Changing our self we can Change the planet or the society we live in now, replacing it with a new kind of society but based on higher principles then in the one we are living in now.
Because that’s all this world is right now; 7 billion people excepting this society… set up by a small group of people that only have themselves at best interest.
Clearly this society has failed in many aspects and if we go on living this way, things will only get worse.
But this doesn’t have to be like this, we have the choice to change this society in to a more harmonious one. A Revolution might be needed to achieve this because our so called leaders will do anything to protect what they have built over the last couple of thousand years.
But still you never know maybe they will take heed of this message because in the end it will be in their best interest to. To come along…because they are supposed to know the outcome of what is about to happen. So many of these so called leaders might change sides, that’s the opportunist way of thinking in them realizing they are in a sinking ship, and that’s its better to jump over to the other ship that is leaving for Zion. True Repentance can come at any time, remember…
We know many people believe they will go to hell of some sort for doing evil in their lives, I&I am not the one that decides about Life and death, that is in the hands of YAH.
But what usually is the case is that the present moment is what counts on “judgement day”  how we are on That day.

We have our future in our own lives, remember that…

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